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SEBA has numerous dependencies that have to be ported to and/or validated on Arm hardware. As of February 25, 2019, this is the status of that effort. The items in red still need to be ported and tested. I've included the actual spreadsheet with links for ease of use.

Also, we have now confirmed that the major CORD components, including ONOS, do run on Ampere eMAG, Cavium TX1, Rockchip 3328, Rockchip 3399, HiSilicon Hi1616, and AllWinner H5.

Code is available at [iec.git] / src / use_cases / seba_on_arm /;a=tree;f=src/use_cases/seba_on_arm;h=eb7ad5a5aeec3a18ead0039e7d66b5c92fa5d3db;hb=HEAD

Testing is available at

Port Overview


Trevor Tao Updated the spreadsheet with latest completions and also included % completion at bottom. Now 100% complete on total dependencies.

Install CORD Platform & SEBA

First, clone the AArch64-specific helm charts for cord-platform, seba, att-workflow and bbsim using:

$ git clone cord

Then proceed to install components as a whole as described in the SEBA Installation Guide, skipping the `helm repo add` and `helm update` commands.

Test/operate a SEBA installation 

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