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The Akraino Regional Controller provides a standardized way to install Akraino Blueprints on disparate, network connected, hardware.  It is designed to be agnostic about what is being installed, and only concerns itself with providing a standard framework for running workflows associated with Blueprints, in order to perform the lifecycle management functions of a particular Blueprint.  It does this via a REST-based API.

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 Mike HunterAT&T

Mike is a Principal Systems Architect at AT&T who has worked on Cloud since 2011 and has worked on Akraino since its inception inside AT&T.

Along with working in Cloud, Mike has, engineered parts of SONET provisioning systems, been the lead engineer at a startup, engineered CDN solutions, designed cloud storage solutions up to exabyte scale, and designed more than a few portals for more than a few systems. He is also a self proclaimed "human factors" enthusiast.


Robert EbyAT&


John CraigAT&

David PlunkettAT&

Deepak KatariaAT&T 

 Andrew WilkinsonEricsson