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What are the URL Endpoints of the Regional Controller?

https://<RC IP address>/api/v1/This is the base URL for all of the API calls to the Regional Controller.
https://<RC IP address>/docs/This is the address of an online copy of the documentation for the Regional Controller. Note that because this documentation is built along with the codebase, it is likely to be more up to date than this wiki.
http://<RC IP address>:8080/admin/This is the console for the embedded copy of Apache® Airflow that is used as the workflow engine within the Regional Controller.

Where is the full API documented?


The regional controller will be installed with the following pre-defined users.  You are not required to use these usernames and can remove/replace them as you wish; however, the workflow user is used internally to log workflow events, so you would be well advised to leave that user alone.

adminadmin123create/read/update/delete allThis is the "super user" for RC; e.g. it has all roles and capabilities.
readonlyadmin123read allThis user has read only access; e.g. it can issue GET requests, but cannot change objects or make new objects.
workflowadmin123read all, create podeventsThis user is used internally in order to create POD events from within the workflows.
This user has no access at all.

How are Workflows initiated?

All workflows are started as a result of operations on PODs:

  • POST - creates a  POD and causes the create workflow to run
  • PUT - updates a POD and cause one of several update workflows to run
  • DELETE - deletes the POD and causes the delete workflow to run

The details of the workflow are described in the Blueprint for the POD.

How do I look at the Workflow Logs?

The workflow logs are stored within Airflow.  As such, you need to access them via Airflow.  There are two ways to do this: