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This document will describe the process of launching the EdgeXFoundry services with docker-compose.


  1. Docker-engine v17.06.0+ to support compose file format v3.4 for Fuji release
  2. Docker-compose version 1.25+

    1. Unsure of minimal version, but docker-compose should be capable of using docker-compose file version 3.4 for fuji release of EdgeXFoundry

  3. jq command line tool to use scripts below

Setup Process

  1. Obtain the compose files for EdgeXFoundry
    1. git clone
  2. Navigate to the compose files for the fuji release
    1. cd developer-scripts/releases/fuji/compose-files
  3. Link the no-security variant to a docker-compose.yaml file for simple operation
    1. ln -s ./docker-compose-fuji-no-secty.yml ./docker-compose.yml
  4. Edit the docker-compose.yml to uncomment the device-random section
    1. "device-random" section at about line 335-350
  5. Ensure DOCKER_HOST is defined in the environment (docker-compose may fail to start if it is not defined)
  6. Start up the containers in background mode with docker-compose
    1. sudo docker-compose up -d

Tips for interacting with EdgeXFoundry via docker-compose & web UI


Command (preface with sudo)

List services from docker-compose file
docker-compose config --services
View the logs of a particular service (add -f to follow)
docker-compose logs [-f] <serviceName>
view status of docker-compose containers (inside the compose-files folder)
docker-compose ps

Consul Web UI: http://localhost:8500/ui

EdgeXFoundry Web UI (admin/admin): http://localhost:4000

Script Samples for interacting with EdgeXFoundry

# file:
# description: ping all services in EdgeXFoundry containers
# reference:
for PORT in {48095,48100,48082,48080,48081,49990,49988,27017,48061,48060,48075,48085,48090,4000}; do
echo "Checking localhost:${PORT} ... Response: \"$(curl -s http://localhost:${PORT}/api/v1/ping )\""

# file:
# description: script will use curl to pull random integers from the edgex-device-random service
# references:

# pre: query the device-random service to get the IDs of the random-integer endpoints
curl -s http://localhost:${CORE_COMMAND_PORT}/api/v1/device/name/${RAND_INT_DEV} > $RAND_INT_DEV_FILE
RAND_INT_DEVICE_JSON=$(curl -s http://localhost:${CORE_COMMAND_PORT}/api/v1/device/name/${RAND_INT_DEV})


#for i in {0..2}; do
# cat $RAND_INT_DEV_FILE | jq ".commands[${i}].get.path" | tr -d '"'
# cat $RAND_INT_DEV_FILE | jq ".commands[${i}].get.url" | tr -d '"'

# select URL for get commands
Int8_url=$( cat $RAND_INT_DEV_FILE | jq ".commands[0].get.url" | tr -d '"' | sed 's/edgex-core-command/localhost/g' )
Int16_url=$(cat $RAND_INT_DEV_FILE | jq ".commands[1].get.url" | tr -d '"' | sed 's/edgex-core-command/localhost/g' )
Int32_url=$(cat $RAND_INT_DEV_FILE | jq ".commands[2].get.url" | tr -d '"' | sed 's/edgex-core-command/localhost/g' )

# query device for random integers
Int8_output=$( curl -s ${Int8_url})
Int16_output=$(curl -s ${Int16_url})
Int32_output=$(curl -s ${Int32_url})

# pipe the output through jq to select "value" fields
echo "Random Int8: $( echo $Int8_output | jq '.readings[0].value' | tr -d '"')"
echo "Random Int16: $(echo $Int16_output | jq '.readings[0].value' | tr -d '"')"
echo "Random Int32: $(echo $Int32_output | jq '.readings[0].value' | tr -d '"')"