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Welcome to the Akraino Wiki



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Akraino is an open source software stack that improves the state of edge cloud infrastructure for carrier, provider, and IoT networks.

Akraino offers new levels of flexibility to scale edge cloud services quickly, to maximize the applications or subscribers supported on each server, and to help ensure the reliability of systems that must be up at all times.

Akraino also provides processing power closer to endpoint customer devices to meet application latency requirements of less than ~20 milliseconds.

This open source software stack intends to provide critical infrastructure to:

  • Enable line speed processing

  • Enable high throughput 

  • Reduce latency

  • Improve availability

  • Lower operational overhead

  • Provide scalability

  • Address security needs

  • Improve fault management

The Akraino community is focused on Edge APIs, Middleware, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and will allow for cross-platform interoperability with 3rd party clouds. The Edge Stack will also enable the development of Edge applications and create an application w/ Virtual Network Function (VNF) ecosystem.

The Akraino Wiki is a collaboration tool for the Akraino community to work together and publish documents.

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