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No.Project NamePTLMain CommitterSelf-Certification Page

Documentation Sub-Committee

Ike Alisson

Logs (Vuls, Lynis, KubeHunter)

Security Sub-Committee

Randy Stricklin Daniil Egranov

Process Sub-Committee

Biswajit De


The AI Edge: School/Education Video Security Monitoring

Maturity Review Certification of Video Security Monitoring Blueprint

Maturity Review performed over e-mail on May 5th, 2021. Link to the overview: 2021 year


IEC Type 2 for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family

Integration Edge Cloud Type 1 and Type 2 Release 2 Maturity Review Certification



The AI Edge: Federated ML application at edge

Maturity Review Certification of Federated ML Application At Edge Blueprint

Maturity Review Certification of Federated ML Application At Edge Blueprint performed over mail on 01/04 & stored at Documentation Sub-committee reviews for 2022. It is recommended to Akraino TSC to deem the maturity requirements for Documentation to "mature" level as fulfilled and accept the BP graduation request to "Mature" level.



Performing test ID AUTH-9229 (Check password hashing methods)

  • 1/3/2022 Emailed Haihui Wang: 

    AI Edge- Federated ML blueprint has passed the Incubation phase in Release 5 it also meets the Maturity requirements for Vuls.  However, The Lynis test requirements are more stringent for Maturity than Incubation.  The additional Lynis Maturity criteria can be found at in the ‘Lynis Maturity:  PASS/FAIL Criteria, v1.0’ section.  Please run the Lynis tests against the AI Edge – Federated ML blueprint and correct issues so that all Maturity tests pass.  Once all Maturity tests pass please send the lynis.log output file to the Akraino security team for review.

  • 1/14/2022 Emailed Haihui Wang:

    Below is the analysis that our maturity check script returned for the lynis log for the AI Edge – Federate ML blueprint.  All tests that ‘FAILED’ need to be corrected to be approved for maturity, there are more tests that failed than the one that you listed. 

    For the test ID AUTH-9229 that you described, would you be able to increase the ‘rounds’ to a value greater than 5000 and expire passwords so that they encrypt with new values?


The AI Edge: Intelligent Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperation System(I-VICS)

Maturity Review Certification of I-VICS

6IEC Type 5: SmartNIC for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family

Maturity Review Certification of SmartNIC