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  • If a BP has no code changes to upstream repositories, then it would just need to specify fully its upstream release versions in its release document, matching with its bluval testing versions.
  • If a BP has code changes to upstream repositories, then it would need to either merge the code into the upstream before the R4 release time frame and updates its release versions. If the code cant be merged the code into upstream timely, then the BP will not fit into the R5.
  • Or an upstream fork is acceptable, but the fork should be locked before R5 release and the code should be merged back to upstream eventually.
  • Steps to update Upstream information:
    • Add an entry in the following table
    • Fill in the Upstream document field, typically the release note
    • Add detail upstream information into release notes, including the name of the upstream/releases. For example, Ubuntu/20.04. Please list all major upstreams the BP used.

R5 Release Review Status (In Progress, all BPs please follow the schedule)