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Benefits all the architecture irrespective of ARM or X86. It benefit Akraino community as a well.

Kuralamudhan Ramakrishnan YE JI

02,Dec 2021

Derek Jee/SDNLAB/

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SDNLAB is leading technology media and practice platform which focus on innovative network technology in China. We disseminate and share valuable content, help and encourage innovative practices on the Internet, and promote the development of innovative Networking technologies. Accurate coverage of hundreds of thou- sands of network related employees at home and abroad. From CXO level to general engineers, university professors to students, industry leading enterprises to start-ups, the user base covers the entire industrial ecological chain and industry-university-research integration zone.

  • The organization must be a technical organization, with emphasis on open-source software and hardware (YES)
  • The organization must be engaged in sufficient marketing and promotional efforts, including online and social media. The organization must be able to incorporate Akraino web links, material, and blueprint documentation in substantial, appropriate, and prominent manner (YES)
  • The organization may be associated with academic institutions (YES)
  • The organization may have sponsor companies (NO)
  • The organization must demonstrate support, or an acceptable plan of support, for a range of CPU types, including but not limited to x86, Arm, RISC, SoC (e.g. FPGA with CPU cores) – (YES)
  • The organization may provide working area(s), including WiFi or other Internet capable of online video/audio collaboration. Server and other development hardware resources are preferred but not required (YES)

Add bullet point: The organization must agree to comply with Linux Foundation, US legal, Open Policy, Vendor Neutrality, and other rules as listed on the Akraino Regional Communities page.