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Meetings will be held bi-weekly on Mondays at 3 pm EST/EDT,  will be provided here.

Jul 22, 2019

  • attendees: Bill, Dariush, Neil Oliver
  • abbreviated meeting today, will work via email and ad-hoc discussions on Rel 2 planning and blueprint family expansion 
  • Neil Oliver from Intel joined today - Neill is part of the OpenNess group in the Network & Custom Logic group at Intel 
  • OpenNESS is Open Network Edge Services Software
    • was NEV SDK
    • inspired by ETSI MEC platform
    • support LTE, WiFi, Landline I/F
    • added the data plane – e.g. traffic steering at the edge node to the right application (e.g. a Container or a VM)
    • also a controller component
  • Open NESS controller can use underlying components (like an OpenStack controller)
  • they're in their initial release open source s/w
  • many customers that have experience with the NEV SDK, which has been out for 2-3 years
    • there’s a Wind River Linux (Titanium Server) and a CentOS version
  • Neill's looking at synergy with StarlingX control components – maybe the Open NESS controller could act as a plug-in that StarlingX could use
  • OpenNESS is in a couple of other blueprints as well - one is the Tencent connected vehicle blueprint – traffic steering to a vehicle or an edge device
  • we'll continue talking to Neill about the possibilities for defining a blueprint that includes StarlingX and OpenNESS

Jul 8, 2019

  • team is currently working on defining the plan for Rel 2, and what our "infrastructure" work items are, as defined by the various sub-committees
  • working through the charts and updates from the Mini-Summit in June (per 06/17-19/2019 Technical Mini-Summit and Release 2 Planning)
  • currently, unclear on what the sub-committee requirements are in most cases, need to firm this up (will ask at the TSC Working meeting tomorrow)
  • missed a number of meetings leading up to Rel 1 completion - should go back and add the details here at some point