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Use Case Attributes




New Blueprint for VR/AR on the Network Edge


Blueprint Family

Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC)


Use Case

Deployment of generic edge end and cloud environment for VR/AR cloud streaming


Blueprint proposed Name

IEC Type 4: AR/VR oriented Internet Edge Stack for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family


Initial POD Cost (capex)


Chelsio T580-CR NICs


Scale & Type

Generic blueprint PoC:

  •   One master node and up to 5 worker nodes with mixed Linux and Windows OS
  •   Each server, x86/ARM server with nVidia RTX GPUs (Titan or GeForce TBD) and Chelsio T580-CR NIC

Large scale deployment:

  • Number  Number of servers, x86/ARM server or deep edge class, is site dependent (footprint)
  • vGPU  vGPU and federation supported class, e.g. NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs;
  •  Chelsio T580-CR NIC



Generic blueprint POD: Small scale cloud AR/VR rendering farm with generic SO.

Production/commercial service:

  1. Consumer applications: High performance premium gaming, 3D video for movies, live concerts, events, LBE, etc.
  2. Enterprise applications: training/education, product design collaboration, manufacturing, maintenance, data analytical etc,


Power and memory restrictions



Infrastructure orchestration

Docker 118.1309.1 4 or above (19.03 may be needed to run windows container with nVidia GUP support) and K8s 1.1014.2 1 or above- Container Orchestration, VMWare VM

OS - Ubuntu 1618.x04.2, windows server 2019

Under Cloud Orchestration - Airship v1.0 (TBD)



Calico and K8s, Memcached load balancer (optional)


Workload Type

VR and AR applications with split rendering runtime running inside Containers or VM


Additional Details

The test configuration consists of 2 3 machines connected back-to-back using single portusing ethernet switch: a master and 2 worker nodenodes, each with TBD processor clocked at TBD GHz, with TBD GB of RAM and Ubuntu operating system for master, windows server 2019 or later for worker. MTU of 1450B is configured (to compensate for GTP tunnel header). One Chelsio T580-CR and TBD GPU adapter is installed in each system with Chelsio GPUDirect RDMA driver v1.0.0.0, CUDA v6.5, OpenMPI v1.8.4 (with CUDA support), OSU micro benchmarking tools v4.4.1 and nVIDIA peer memory driver.


Each windows server preconfigures with 2-3 VMs with fixed GPU allocation per VM.


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