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Voting of mods to Akraino Regional Communities wiki page

Jeff Brower

General question: do we need to vote on one line added to Technical Community document ?

Akraino Technical Community Document#4.5.1IdentifyingandRecruitingAkrainoLocalizedOrganizations

This line points to the Akraino Regional Communities page, which has recent mods by Upstream/Downstream Subcommittee chair (Jim Xu)

Might be a good idea to vote on mods to these two (2) pages together. Mods are straightforward and common sense, would not expect major objections

LF Edge Europe Edge HackathonOleg BerzinCheck all the three tracks are registered with BPs.

2nd Annual Akraino Awards 2021 - 2022

Deadline is June 24, 2022. Vote link (Ike Alisson )


Release 6 review of 

Multi-Tenant Secure Cloud Native Platform 

Salvador FuentesThis is the last window for all BPs in REL6. Please make it.


Sub-committee Chair Updates