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10PTLs and Subcommittee Chair Update

Edge AI project
Bytedance will join LF Edge and Edge AI project.
Need to confirm there enough company members on the project to get approval.

1. CAN(Computing Awareness Network) has impact to CFN project.

Ike Alisson will make presentation about AI/ML 20min.

AI edge project wiki is here.
Project AI Edge - LF Edge - LF Edge Confluence

5TSC election

Chair and Co-chair election begin.
Chair & Co-Chair Election 2023-202 - Akraino - Akraino Confluence
Nomination Closed: Nov 3
Voting                     : Nov 8~15

→No voting. There is one nomination for each position.

Chair : Yin Ding 
Co chair: Fukano Haruhisa 

After Chair and Co-chair election,
We have SC chair and Co-chair election.

→11/2 Fukano Haruhisa 

According to the following, the term of the SC is not specified. However, I think some SCs are missing members.
I think we should take this opportunity to confirm and elect SC chair and co-chiar.

Akraino Technical Community Document - Akraino - Akraino Confluence

discussion about akraino restracture

At akraino fall summit, we discussed the activities of akraino. To increase active contributor and outreach to market, There were opinion that akraino sets AI edge area as new key focus area. BP will also restructure around AI.

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AI area

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