Project Technical Lead: Feng Yang, Tencent, Elected 10/21/19

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Wei ChenTencent


Xuan JiaChina Mobile

Xiaopeng TongIntel



Buyuan Lin      


Feng Yang


5G MEC/Slice System to Support Cloud Gaming, HD Video and Live Broadcasting Blueprint:

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New Blueprint for 5G MEC/Slice system to support Cloud Gaming, HD Video and Live Broadcasting

Blueprint Family - Proposed   Name

5G MEC/Slice system Blueprint Family

Use Case

  1. Small deployment targeting MEC in access sites or enterprise.
  2. Medium deployment targeting MEC in central offices

Blueprint proposed Name

5G MEC/Slice system to support Cloud Gaming, HD Video and Live Broadcasting

Initial POD Cost (capex)

The minimal configuration is 5 servers in total:

5G system, MEC Pass (1 server), Application Server (1 server)

Scale & Type

Up to 2 x86/ARM servers


Any application requires high bandwidth and low latency, including but not limited to:

  1. Cloud Gaming
  2. HD Video
  3. Live Broadcasting 

Power Restrictions

Less than 10kW

Infrastructure orchestration

Cloud Infrastructure & Orchestrator: Openstack/StarlingX

PaaS: K8s/Docker Swarm

OS - Ubuntu 16.x, Centos7

Hypervisor: KVM/QEMU

Network: VPP, F-Stack


Workload Type

Bare Metal, VM or Container

Additional Details

Cloud Gaming, HD Video or Live Broadcasting applications may enable support for high density media streaming processing via GPU or FPGA acceleration.

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  1. Hi, 

    I'd like to setup a validation environment, as the Detail Slide shows. For the required 4G/5G Simulator, is there any open source or free simulator you suggest?


    1. Glad that you are intereseted in the BP. We are working on the CN emulator, and will get it ready by the end of this year. But please be noted that it won't be a EPC or 5GC, but just an emuatlor that implements a few APIs relevant to MEC. 

  2. Hi,

    Will you support Ubuntu 18.x? Is there any concern or reason so that Ubuntu 16.x is suggested only? Just would like to know if there will be problems if I use Ubuntu 18.x.


  3. So far, I don't see any risk of using 18.04... Validation will be performed against both 16.x and 18.x.

  4. Hi,

    To play MEC application with real handheld device, I'm looking for decent simulation solution, and considering to use USRP B210 SDR + OAI as the eNB and EPC. Performance evaluation could also be tested with it. Anyone has suggestion? It would be appreciated, thanks!

  5. Hi,

     I am looking for a open source MEC pkg to explore the functions. do we have any MEC pkg released?

    1. Did you mean edge applications that can be deployed on the MEC platform?

  6. Thanks in Advance,

    I have few questions.

    1. Which openness release provides Edge connector and Edge gateway. Not able to found in OpenNess20.09.
    2. Let us know which openness release to use for deploying  NGC as there are lot's of new release after 20.03.
  7. I am trying to install the blueprint by following the instructions.  However after cloning the  repository, I do not see a file named  Where can I find this file? Thanks.