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Blueprint overview/Introduction

<Purpose- it should introduce what the blue print is about, industry, business use case, applications and where it sits on the edge infrastructure>

<It should be readable by a semi technical audience , e.g. product marketing, business account executives etc>

Use Case

<use case 1>

<use case 2>

<use case 3>

Where on the Edge

Business Drivers

Overall Architecture

<This could inform the non-technical audience, but now is more geared towards a more engaged, technical audience>

< Blue print's relation to Akraino generic architecture, how it relates to it >

< This section will use the Akraino architecture document as reference>

Platform Architecture

<Hardware components should be specified with model numbers, part numbers etc>

Software Platform Architecture

<Software components with version/release numbers >

<EDGE Interface>

<ETSI MEC Interaction>


APIs with reference to Architecture and Modules

High Level definition of APIs are stated here, assuming Full definition APIs are in the API documentation

Hardware and Software Management


  • GNU/common license

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