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Meeting Recording: (Password: 0r$cc2M$)

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Attendance is taken purely upon #info in Zoom Chat 


Agenda Items

Presented By



Release Status

Kandan Kathirvel Tina Tsou

‘Predictive Maintenance using a FLIR Camera’ from the IIOT Device Edge family to Incubation stage

IIoT at the Smart Device Edge (family)

External log pushing permissions- 

-Aaron: I can't see the tickets does anyone know if they have been handled?

How to: Push Logs to Nexus

IT-19821 liya yu Hechun Zhang

IT-19794 Thor Chin

IT-19794 Thor Chin

IT-xxxxx hanyu ding 

Aaron Williams see if Aaron can follow up with Eric - they are all the same, seems to be a permission issue?

-sent an email on Wednesday afternoon

2Follow up on Sub-committee Chairs

Q&A on log pushing- 

IT-19772 Peng He

End User Stories- Please go to the link and add your end user story

End User Stories


Sub-committee Chair Updates

  • API Sub-committee - Vikram Siwach, Jane Shen (Co-Chair)
  • CI, Blueprint Validation Lab sub-committee - Peter Pouliot, Robert Qiu (Co-Chair), Lincoln Lavoie (Lab Manager)
  • Community Sub-committee – Tapio Tallgren
  • Documentation Sub-committee - Samir Chatterjee
  • Process, Project review – Andrew Wilkinson
  • Security Sub-committee – Haitao Wang, Randy Stricklin (Co-Chair)
  • Upstream Sub-committee – Jim Xu, Zenlayer, Swarup Nayak, Huawei


Upcoming Events

Project EVE Update: Building the “Android of the IoT Edge”

May 29, 2020 09:00 AM

Action Items (Open Action Item Tracker)

  • Aaron Williams add changes to the upstream Subcommittee to the template

Votes (template below)

TSC Voting to Approve Predictive Maintenance with a FLIR Camera:

Motion: Andrew Wilkinson

Second: Tapio Tallgren

Passed by unanimous consent

Zoom Chat Log

From Me to Everyone: (7:06 AM)
From Sukhdev Kapur to Everyone: (7:32 AM)

I have to join another call. have to drop off

From Tapio Tallgren to Everyone: (7:33 AM)

login micromecci
password Zp
So this is the .netrc. password is deleted
login micromecci
password Zp3T3t

From to Everyone: (7:34 AM)

OK! Thanks

From Tapio Tallgren to Everyone: (7:35 AM)

Sorry about the mess. So it is the first three lines

Voting Template

TSC Voting to Approve XYZ: