When: Tuesday, November 23

10:30 – 14:30 PST (UTC-8)
13:30 – 17:30 EDT (UTC-5)
19:30 – 1:30 CET (UTC+1) (Wednesday)
02:30 – 6:30 CST (UTC+8) (Wednesday)

Date Time: Nov 23, 2021 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM PST (US and Canada)
Topic: Akraino Reunion Meeting

Where: HanaHaus + Blue Bottle Coffee

Address: 456 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

websites:  HanaHaus (click on Palo Alto),


1) There is a parking lot right in the back of the HanaHaus building with 2 hour free parking, at the corner of Hamilton Ave & Cowper St.

2) There is a nearby garage in between Cowper St & Webster St that provides 3 hour free parking. The garage also has a machine to purchase a day permit for $25.

3) Palo Alto City Parking:

Zoom link -- please share with your friends and colleagues


Akraino is an open source software stack that improves the state of edge cloud infrastructure for carrier, provider, and IoT networks. It offers new levels of flexibility to scale edge cloud services quickly, to maximize the applications or subscribers supported on each server, and to help ensure the reliability of systems that must be up at all times. The meeting is informal, partly to let new Akraino members since early Mar 2020 have a chance to meet -- it has been almost 19 months since we had F2F !

HanaHaus Workspace Terms of Use

Below is the HanaHaus "Workspace Terms of Use". Please read and make sure you can comply.

HanaHaus Covid-19 Health Screening

Below is the HanaHaus "Covid-19 Health Screening" doc. Again, please read and make sure you can comply. Note they do not check for proof of vaccination, and do not require masks. If you want to wear a mask, by all means do so. Otherwise, if HanaHaus rules make you uncomfortable in any way, definitely do not attend !

Note in the above screening doc, this text:

  "You attest that: You and your guests have not been diagnosed with Coronavirus/Covid-19 and not yet cleared as non contagious by state or local public health authorities."

does not make sense. The text "and not yet" should be "or have been". I have pointed this out to HanaHaus management. Evidently they received basic form text from Santa Clara county and then modified it somewhat, ending up with a contradictory clause.

HanaHaus Reopening Doc


Please direct questions to Tina Tsou or Jeff Brower

Proposed / Working Agenda, subject to modification (please modify as needed)

1 2022 General Planning

1.1 How can we better promote and/or market Akraino strengths

1.1.1 Conduct technical meetups and seminar, create a template and apply it across the community (Kural)

1.1.2 Blueprint diversity (Jeff)

1.1.3 Co-existence of Hyperscalers and Telecoms (Jeff)

1.1.4 Blueprint release security requirements (Randy)

1.1.5 API database (API usage info gathering, API map, collaboration with ETSI MEC DECODE) (Jane, Oleg)

2 Discuss and identify key edge computing trends for 2022

3 Look for ways to increase standards compliance and encourage interoperability between blueprints (Ike)

4 Barnstorming ideas to increase Akraino participation and user contribution

3.1 Akraino China Community run by OpenGCC (Tina)

3.1.1 Discuss x86 pilot blueprint; for example, demonstrate x86 compatibility of GCC lab machines (Jeff)

3.2 TSC meetings increased participation – assign TSC members to recruit interesting "keynote speakers" for Tuesday morning.  Objective is to get 15-25 attendees consistently on Tuesdays for interesting, topical edge computing related areas. Thursday meetings remain focused on Blueprint PTL presentations. Possibly incentivize TSC members to recruit well, for example a small cash prize, points gained for next TSC election, etc (Jeff)

5 Existing Blueprint Areas

5.1 Automotive

6 New Blueprint Areas for 2022

4.1 Robotics (Jeff)

4.1.2 Fujitsu presentation (Fukano-san, 10:30a)

Introduction to SSES(Sensor-Rich Soft End-Effector System)

4.1.1 Food preparation, general purpose, short-haul logistics, factory

TSC Overview Presentation

Information about HanaHaus, our meeting room and group table, boxed lunches, etc. WiFi is free and provided by Verizon.

Meeting Recap


F2F - Tina Tsou (Arm), Jane Shen (Mavenir), Doug Eng (Raeden), Ted Qian (Ciena Networks), Kandan Kathirvel (Google), Dr. Dong Wei (Arm), Jeff Brower (Signalogic)

Virtual - Haruhisa Fukano (Fujitsu), Reo Inoue (Fujitsu), Deepak Vij (Futurewei)

Fujitsu SSES robotics presentation

-emphasis on touch, tactile, grasping of objects with different firmness, friction

"High mix, small lot" production. High mix - variety of items handled by same robot, e.g. food service, agriculture
"AI/IoT technology with force/contact info" - touch, stiffness, grip, pressure, temperature

Discussion on how better to promote and/or market Akraino strengths

-blueprint diversity, collecting info from wide range of use cases (for example API usage information, database used for API map)
-security process for blueprint release; i.e. emphasis on security inside Akraino
-these are strong points / differentiation of Akraino compared to other open source communities, we need to capitalize on these

Discussion of current edge computing status / use cases

-Jane - AR/VR
-Doug - where's the money
-Deepak - crypto miners are major/growing users of edge computing, "cloud decentralization" to reduce cost (i.e. not use public cloud, which also reduces security risks)

Discussion of edge-to-edge communication (edge internode communication)

-informative comments and info from Deepak
-discussion highlights - Data Center as a Service, On-Prem as a Service, "cloud broker", "intercloud peering", utility computing
-ongoing Akraino blueprint "Buffer at the Edge" (PTL Jonathan Gael, M2M Bell) - layer 2 distributed queuing (i.e. at MAC physical level)
-edge cloud decentralization

-Equinix Metal
-UC Berkeley working on this
-ICN, extensible Internet

Discussion of plan for TSC members to recruit technical expert guest speakers to present at Tues a.m. meetings

-guest speakers: outside of Akraino, with relevant topic / expertise
-each TSC member assigned a meeting day. He/she can pass to the next member, but should make a strong effort
-how can we incentivize recruitment effort ? based on attendance for the presentation ? maybe some recognition for the TSC member's company ?


Fukano-san and Inoue-san were live from Japan at 3:30a and stayed on for the full 4 hours. Sugoi !

Doug Eng flew in/out from Seattle same day. His new company Raeden is lucky to have such a warrior

Boxed lunches from Sweet Pea were super tasty. We ordered around 11:30a and had lunch around 12:30p

HanaHaus + Blue Bottle Coffee venue worked out well. There were no complaints, place had a lively atmosphere (lots of people working hard), quick and easy parking, and convenient coffee and snacks. We didn't have enough attendees to overflow our meeting room, so we transferred our payment for 4 hours of open meeting area table to a 4th hour in the meeting room (i.e. we used the meeting room for 4 hours instead of 3 we reserved). Also in my personal opinion (Brower) HanaHaus has done a good job with pandemic related policies. They took the baseline Santa Clara County (SCC) health screening document, made adjustments, and got those approved by SCC. In this way they tailored / balanced their policies and showed dynamic adaptability, which I think compares well with "big corp" venues that Akraino might ask for F2F meeting space.