CI and Blueprint Validation Lab,  Sub-committee: Further establish process, document and CI process to allow developers to get started

Cesar Berho has given up his tenure as Sub-Committee Chair as of 7/19/2019.  New Sub-Committee Chair / Co-Chair Election Process is on-going per procedures in Section 4.6.1 of Akraino Technical Community Document. Chair / Co-Chair Election will be completed by 8/26/2019.

Sub-Committee Chair: Peter Pouliot, Ampere Computing.  Elected on 8/29/2019

Sub-Committee Co-Chair: Robert Qiu, Tencent. Approved by TSC on 10/03/2019

Please join the CI Sub-Committee mail list by self-adding within the Akraino Mail List Sub-Groups page. 

Note: Please ensure that both the name and email address for each member is listed on each sub-committee membership wiki page in order to properly set up CIVS voting when required.

Interested parties sign up:

NameAffiliationEmailLF IDSelf Nominate for Chair (Y/N) Self Nominate for Co-Chair (Y/N)
Tina TsouArmtina.tsou@arm.comNN
Mika RautakumpuNokiamika.rautakumpu@nokia.comMika Rautakumpu

Frank ZdarskyRed Hatfzdarsky@redhat.comFrank Zdarsky

Cesar BerhoIntelcesar.berho@intel.comCesar Berho

Qasim ArhamJuniperqarham@juniper.netQasim Arham

Andrew WilkinsonEricssonandrew.wilkinson@ericsson.comAndrew Wilkinson

Sukhdev KapurJunipersukhdev@juniper.netSukhdev Kapur

Mark EllisonIndependentmark@ellisonsoftware.comMark Ellison

WenhuiPenn Statewuz49@ist.psu.eduWenhui Zhang

Kandan KathirvelAT&Tkk0563@att.comKandan Kathirvel

Robert EbyAT&Tre2429@att.comRobert Eby

Yong Xin Radisys Yong Xin

Ryota IshibashiNTT

Ryota Ishibashi

Hiroshi Yamamoto

Bob MonkmanIntelbob.monkman@intel.comBob Monkman

Yang (Gabriel)

Fabian Salamanca

Intelfabianx.salamanca.dominguez@intel.comFabian Salamanca Dominguez

Robert QiuTencentrobertqiu@tencent.comYY
Sukhdev KapurJuniper Networkssukhdev@juniper.netSukhdev Kapur

Peter PouliotAmpere Computingppouliot@amperecomputing.comPeter PouliotY

Meeting Content (agenda/ minutes / recording / slides / other):

 R2 BluePrint CI Presentation Schedule

Project Name 

CI Meeting Presentation Slot  

Connected Vehicle Blueprint 

xin qiu 


IEC Type 1 for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family 

Trevor Tao Cristina Pauna 


IEC Type 2 for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family 

xinhuili  Cristina Pauna 


IEC Type 4: AR/VR oriented Edge Stack for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family 

Wen-Ping Ying Wenhui Zhang Tina Tsou 



Tapio Tallgren 


Radio Edge Cloud (REC) 

Paul Carver 


SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) for Telco Appliance Blueprint Family 

Aaron Byrd 


ICN - Integrated Cloud-Native Family 

Kuralamudhan Ramakrishnan 


ELIOT AIoT in Smart Office Blueprint 

Guoxu (Jeremy) Liu 


ELIOT IoT Gateway Blueprint 

khemendra kumar 


ELIOT SD-WAN/WAN Edge/uCPE Blueprint 

khemendra kumar 


Network Cloud and TF Integration Project 

Sukhdev Kapur 


AI/ML and AR/VR applications at Edge 

Vikram Siwach 


KNI Provider access edge 

Yolanda Robla Mota 



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