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Meeting Time: 07:00 AM PT / 03:00 PM UTC (See call time in different zones)


Meeting Recording: TBA

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Attendance is taken purely upon #info in Zoom Chat 


Agenda Items

Presented By



Release Status


Certification Program Overview

Steve W / Brett P

Overview of the different types of certification programs we have seen set up, including typical components (e.g. T&C, Agreement) and structure (WG).

Typical process:

-- establish what it means to be conformant

-- define a series of tests that user can run/submit to demonstrate conformance (can be self-tests)

Typical starting points:

-- Set up a conformance/certification working group

-- Have WG first focus on what are the things that we're wanting to have as categories of conformance (e.g. focused on a redistribution, plugins, compatible tools, etc.)


Votes on election topics

Voter Roll (proposed)

Bylaw Interpretation 

Email (proposed)

MyProfile page on LF


Brief Introduction about Arm CIs in open source communities and OpenLab

Zhenyu Zheng


Sub-committee Chair Updates

  • API Sub-committee - Jeff Brower, Jane Shen (Co-Chair)
  • CI, Blueprint Validation Lab sub-committee - Peter Pouliot, Robert Qiu (Co-Chair), Lincoln Lavoie (Lab Manager)
  • Community Sub-committee – Ike Alisson
  • Documentation Sub-committee - Ike Alisson
  • Process, Project review – Biswajit De
  • Security Sub-committee – Randy Stricklin (Chair)
  • Technical Community - Doug Eng
  • Upstream Sub-committee – Jim Xu, Swarup Nayak


Upcoming Events


Action Items (Open Action Item Tracker)

  • Discuss on future TSC call the Proxy policy (e.g. should Voting proxies need to come from the voting member company). Can add resulting policy to Akraino Technical Community Document.

Votes (template below)

Zoom Chat Log

Voting Template

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