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13 Apr 2020Arif TSC 2020-04-09 (Thurs)
  • Aaron Williams add changes to the upstream Subcommittee to the template
28 May 2020Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-05-28(Thurs)
  • Brett Preston to update Zoom URLs, to include embedded passcode, starting on -- includes updating and Wiki listings
18 Sep 2020Brett PrestonTSC 2020-09-15 (Tuesday) 7 am PT
09 Apr 2021Kuralamudhan RamakrishnanTSC 2021-04-06 (Tuesday) 7 am PDT
27 Apr 2021Kuralamudhan RamakrishnanTSC 2021-04-20 (Tuesday) 7:00am PT
  • Due to the limited time left to follow the TSC Agenda points for the today's meeting, Tina T. inquired with Wenhui to conduct the scheduled for today's TSC approval for OpenMined Pipeline DP at the TSC meeting next week, to which Wenhui accepted.
TSC 2022-02-15 (Tuesday) 7:00 am Pacific
  • The actual operation of demo app was demonstrated by Jack, and Q & A was done by him to answer relevant questions.
Cassini Minutes 2022.04.01
  • Next action items is sort out relevant user documents and prepare materials related to Akraino release 6.
Cassini Minutes 2022.04.01
  • Jason introduces the design of the final demo app and the detailed process of use case.
Cassini Minutes 2022.04.01
  • Jason introduce the development progress of demo app.Sonic gateway has been received, but SSH login cannot be completed yet. We are communicating with the original equipment manufacturer to obtain technical support.
Cassini Minutes 2022.01.28

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