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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
13 Apr 2020Arif TSC 2020-04-09 (Thurs)
  • Aaron Williams add changes to the upstream Subcommittee to the template
28 May 2020Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-05-28(Thurs)
  • Brett Preston to update Zoom URLs, to include embedded passcode, starting on -- includes updating and Wiki listings
18 Sep 2020Brett PrestonTSC 2020-09-15 (Tuesday) 7 am PT
09 Apr 2021Kuralamudhan RamakrishnanTSC 2021-04-06 (Tuesday) 7 am PDT
27 Apr 2021Kuralamudhan RamakrishnanTSC 2021-04-20 (Tuesday) 7:00am PT
  • Discuss on future TSC call the Proxy policy (e.g. should Voting proxies need to come from the voting member company). Can add resulting policy to Akraino Technical Community Document.
TSC 2021-04-08 (Thursday) 7 am PDT
  •  for ELIOT IOT-Gateway, add table with reference to EdgeX  to have future exchange of  information with EdgeX community. khemendra kumar : added table for ELIOT and EdgeX alignment and collaboration in Architecture document.It can be used for future tracking EdgeX updates.
khemendra kumarRelease 4 Review 2020-12-16 (Wed) 7 am Pacific
  • Ike Alisson (Documentation Subcommittee) to lead Akraino TAC Annual Review submission
Ike AlissonTSC 2020-11-24 (Tues) 7 am Pacific
  • Tina Tsouto obtain Telefonica presentation from Diego, and post to the Wiki Agenda page
Tina TsouTSC 2020-11-24 (Tues) 7 am Pacific
Aaron WilliamsTSC 2020-09-15 (Tuesday) 7 am PT

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