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Meeting Minutes
10PTLs and Subcommittee Chair Update

Yin Ding Presented Akraino updates to LF Edge GB (May 28th), LE Edge TSC TAC (May 29th).

Need a new TAC sponsor to replace Tina.Yin Ding is listed on TAC voting members. So Yin Ding will confirm to Kendall whether he is OK or not

Need a member from to be the sponsor.

5Vote on  technical community document change about Sub committee
Akraino Technical Community Document - Akraino - Akraino Confluence

Fukano Haruhisa send e-mail voting. Now waiting for approvement by mail list. | Vote on Technical Community Document change on 4.6 and

TSC have approved this change.
Jeff Brower will confirm what should modify about history.

Discussion to activate akraino

I would like to ask Kendall to conduct a survey of TSC members and akraino members.
Questionnaire to TSC members
1. How often do you attend TSC meetings?
2. Why can't you attend the TSC meeting?
   a. The opening time is not suitable.
   b. I don't know when it is held.
   c. The agenda has no content of interest.
   d. Others
3. What do you expect from akraino?
   a. Outreach
   b. Creating Collaboration
   c. Others

Questionnaire to Akraino members
1. How much activity did you do at akraino last year?
    a. contributed code or wiki pages
    b. none
2. (If none in Q1) 
    Why did you stop working at akraino?

3. What do or did you expect from akraino?
   a. Outreach
   b. Creating Collaboration
   c. Others

What topic did attract you 
What topic does attract you 

■Ideas for other activities
・recognition badge
・agenda to attract people
    ・guest speaker for networking oppotunity and collaboration
・pre-meeting preparation

Fukano Haruhisa ask Kendall to conduct a survey based on the left questionnaire.

10Confirmation whether each weekly meeting is active or not.Fukano Haruhisa 

-->Pre-archived state. Remove schedule.
・IEC type1&2
・Network Cloud with Tungsten Fabric
・IEC Type 5: SmartNIC for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family
・ICN - Integrated Cloud Native NFV/App stack family
・Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI) Blueprint Family
・MEC-based Stable Topology Prediction for Vehicular Networks
・IEC Type 3: Android cloud native applications on Arm servers in edge for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family
・CFN (Computing Force Network) Ubiquitous Computing Force Scheduling
・Connected Vehicle Blueprint(Aka CVB)
・IEC Type 4: AR/VR oriented Edge Stack
・AI Edge Blueprint Family
・Private LTE/5G ICN Blueprint
・Akraino Cassini BP
・Rural Edge Blueprint
-->Pre-archived state. Remove schedule.

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