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Meeting Content (minutes / recording / slides / other):


1. Ealt-edge demo

Inference and Training of the model successfully done in Local Environment.


  • Training with all types of defects. - Srini
  • Need to setup the environment in the cloud environment in x86 and ARM environment - Srini

2. Integration of Vault  with Cert-Manager and Kong in ARM machine needs to be done. 

    Arvind/Srini ( Status : Github issue raised for Vault and Kong )

3. documentation
- certmanger/vault steps/readme -- Completed - Arvind. 

TODO - To be reviewed by Gaurav and Khemendra.

- mepagent, kong and mepserver - Documentation completed by Arvind.

TODO - First level review to be done by Abhijit

4. kong on ARM support
-Details logs needs to be reverted - Arvind

Github Issue Link :


1. Ealt-edge demo
 -Checked library code used for model building and the built model can be inferred.


-Same needs to be tested in ARM system - Arvind/Srini
3. production and development mode support
- Completed 
4. documentation
- certmanger/vault steps/readme -- in-progress - Arvind/Abhijit
- mepagent, kong and mepserver - in progress - Arvind/Abhijit
5. kong on ARM support
-Details logs needs to be reverted - Srini


1. Ealt-edge demo
- check high level code struct, flow and useas of tf/opencv
- check for hardware support and try to compile and run and test input/output
2. Https enable with cert automated by cert-manager and vault
- done and related code is checked
3. production and development mode support
- CLI code changes done and ansiable changes in progress
4. documentation
- certmanger/vault steps/readme -- done. need to checkin
- mepagent, kong and mepserver - in progress
5. kong on ARM support
- follow with kong guys


1. Work on Demo for Blueprint to continue next week. Currently Analysis and Trial is being done with Face Recognition project. 
2. Open security issues in test report to be worked on after release. Srini and Feng can work together on that. 
3. Checking for Maturity for the Blueprint, 
4. Quotes to be checked with Jill for Release - 3. 
5. Security feature testing to continue, artifacts can be committed after Release.