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Project Technical Lead:Lokanath Padhu






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Use case

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Industry Sector

Telco and carrier networks, enterprise networks, private networks, multi-access networks, edge cloud and verticals 

Business driver

One of the key drivers of 5G Systems are ultra low latency and high reliability communications enabled by edge clouds. Services can be hosted close to the end users and new type pf services can be enabled by exposing contextual information to applications. In this framework the services can be enhanced with Machine Learning. Applications hosted in distributed cloud i.e. edge and central cloud, can consume services offered by service producers. Service consumers can discover the services that are available in that location via API framework. Similarly. the service producers can advertise their offerings via the same API framework. In addition to service discovery, the API framework allows authentication and authorization and can also provide communications transport to the service consumers and producers. 

Business use cases

For Example:

  1. An application in an enterprise network providing services using contextual information based on the location and Wifi network information
  2. In a private network in a factory, an application collects IoT sensor information and makes it available to machine learning functions
  3. An application in an edge cloud using radio network information and V2X control path information from a mobile network offers safety information to vehicles on the road


Business Cost - Initial Build

Depending on the deployment


Business Cost - Operational


Operational need

Orchestration framework (such as ONAP) needs to enable applications in a distributed cloud discovering their local service registry for service discovery 

Security need

The solution should support granular access control and secure communications between service producer and service consumer





Other restrictions


Additional details 

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