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Operational Tools Augmentation

CHOMP (Cluster Health and Overload Monitoring Platform) will do log correlation for   Akraino   lifecycle management

1.   Log-based metrics   in CHOMP provide key visibility for operations teams beyond the existing   traditional monitoring tools such as Prometheus

2.   These KPIs   could become the beginning of troubleshooting and root cause identification   as NC becomes   ready for production deployments

3.   Broad categories   include:

a.   Latencies for   common  Kubernetes procedures

b.   Failure details   - insufficient memory or computing capacity

c.   Procedure details   - restart backoffs, pod evictions prior to   restarts

d.   Kubernetes Component Availability – loss of kube-proxy, scheduler, etc.h 

4. Modular   design and Configurable for easy addition of new log-based metrics as NC platform   matures                                                                                                              



Impacted Blueprint Family - Network Cloud

See   next slide for additional details


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  1. Would you show control and data flow of CHOMP?

  2. Any architecture document/deck?

    Also, want to understand the set of deliverables of this project?

    • Are you trying to use any popular tools, such as fluentD, Prometheus, Grafana, fluendD GUI etc..?
    • Any data lakes to store the logs and metrics
    • Any plans to integrate analytics along with it?  If so, any AI based anlaytics in getting insigths?

    Like to understand the scope and possible deliverable of this project.


    Srini (Srinivasa Addepalli)