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Thor ChininwinSTACK 



Case Attributes




New Blueprint

Blueprint Family - Proposed Name

Not belong to blueprint family

Use Case

Provide API Gateway for OpenStack, K8S and other platform or applications

Blueprint proposed Name

API Gateway

Initial POD Cost (capex)

1 node or 2 nodes for HA

Scale & Type

Up to 2 Arm/x86 Servers


API gateway for different platform integration.  For example, api for create K8S containers and VMs.

Power Restrictions

depends on hardware

Infrastructure orchestration

OpenStack Queens or above - VM orchestration

Docker 1.13.1 or above and K8s 1.10.2 or above- Container Orchestration

OS - Ubuntu 16.04

Under Cloud Orchestration - Airship v1.0


OVS, Calico

Workload Type

Containers, VMs

Additional Details

Kong, Gravitee

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  1. Hi Thor,

    I am interested in finding out more on the scope of this project. 

    Few questions:

    • What is the API Gateway you intend to use?  
    • There are many ingress gateway in K8S world - Gloo, Ambassador, ISTIO ingress, NGINX etc... Are you proposing new API Gateway or enhance one of the gateways listed here?
    • In any case, it is good to understand the gaps you see in existing gateways and understand what you are proposing to get done in this feature project.

    Srini (Srinivasa Addepalli)

  2. Hi Srini,

    I think "" is a good solution for API gateway which is also have account management feature and have potential to integrate multiple open source with their own user interface.

    Regard to K8S, maybe Istio and Nginx are good solutions.

    1. Thank you for quick response. I did not hear about before. Will check. Is the intention of this feature project to leverage this for non-K8S based edge locations?

      1. Yes, API Gateway should cover K8S and VM scenario due to these two scenarios have their own advantages.