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Project Technical Lead: Thor Chin, Inwinstack. Elected PTL September 2021.

Project Committers detail:

Initial Committers for a project will be specified at project creation. Committers have the right to commit code to the source code management system for that project.

A Contributor may be promoted to a Committer by the project’s Committers after demonstrating a history of contributions to that project.

Only Committers for a project are eligible to vote for a project’s Project Technical Lead.

Please see Akraino Technical Community Document section 3.1.3 for more detailed information.





Contact Info

 Committer BioCommitter Picture 

Self Nominate for PTL (Y/N)-2020

Andrew WilkinsonEricsson andrew.wilkinson@ericsson.com 

Tapio TallgrenNokia tapio.tallgren@nokia.com 

Cristina PaunaArmcristina.pauna@enea.com (incorrect email address)

Juha KosonenNokiajuha.kosonen@nokia.com




Deepak KatariaAT&Tdd7022@att.com

Feature Project Use Case:



Companies Participating / Committers

Requested Release / Timeline


Akraino Blueprint Validation Framework Project

1. The purpose of the   Validation framework project is to define a standard set of tools and tests   to evaluate Akraino   Blueprints to determine if the blueprints are ‘Akraino ready / validated’

2. As part of this, a consistent test framework that is automated and   that works across all layers of the Akraino Edge Stack (HW, OS, K8s, Openstack, etc.) and across different BPs/BP Families will be provided.

3. Blueprint owners will be expected to   conduct the standard tests with the specified tools. Project technical leads   will share the results of the platform testing with the Akraino TSC so that the TSC can decide if the   blueprint can proceed from the Incubation to Mature or Core stages.

3a.The proposed test set would   be required to be passed for all in-scope layers of Akraino BPs

3b.The validation framework   defines a consistent minimum mandatory test set and test tools

4. The validation framework can   be extended to meet the requirements of Blueprints that are not included in   the standard tests

4a. It is incumbent on the   blueprint owners to submit additional requirements to extend the validation   framework in the feature project

5. Validation framework project   will leverage pre-existing open source tool sets as much as possible                                                                                          






Impacted Blueprint Family – Applies to all BP Families and Blueprints

See   next slide for additional details

Validation Framework Feature Project v2.pdf

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