When not logged in to the Wiki, the below calendars default to UTC timezone.

Additionally, the subscription links may not work correctly when not logged in.

By logging in, the Calendars will update to your Profile time zone settings. To update your Profile time zone settings, go to your profile (upper right), select Settings, select Settings again in the next menu.

In upper right, select Log In. You will need a Linux Foundation Account (can be created at to log-in.


For those running Outlook on an Android device: The calendar feed must be added to the Outlook server via web access. Then it will propagate to all Outlook clients (i.e. PC desktop and mobile phone). If added to PC desktop directly, it only stays on that client and is not pushed to the server.

Subscribing to the Akraino Group Calendars - OPTION 1 (RECOMMENDED)

You can directly subscribe to the Akraino Group Calendars to stay in sync with meetings and events. There are two options available, both require that you be logged into your account using your LFID to sign-in. 

  • Option 1 - RECOMMENDED: You can subscribe within Akraino Groups Calendar in for all the sub-groups you belong to or individually by sub-group calendar
    • Scroll down below the calendar itself 
    • Click on the "Subscribe to Calendar" button
    • Copy the iCal link from the pop up
    • Add it as a subscribed calendar to your preferred mail tool


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