The Application User Group is meant to get a seamless environment, tools, APIs for applications to run on Akraino Edge Stack. The following sub-pages will give you more information on the propositions for different categories of application users to run your applications for edge.

The community offers numbers of open source solutions for application providers that covers many commercial scenarios. So that application users can have community resources, e.g., labs, developers,etc., to help validate the applications. In this way, we can reduce the interoperability/porting/development cost. Member companies use these open source solutions in the commercial contract. So that the application providers can find potential partners and potential market more easily based on open source cooperation

Vertical users can use open source community as a problem solver based on collaborative design and development. We can have the issues we encountered be discussed in the community/user group and try to find a prototype solution based on community development/verification and further commercial products provided by different vendors.

AI applications

Gaming applications

Vertical Industries


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