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 Project Technical Lead: Khemendra Kumar. Elected 1/17/19.





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Khemendra Kumar


Yang (Gabriel)


Maxim UvarovLinaro

Peng LiuChina Mobile


Abhijit Dasgupta (

Srinivasan S N (

ELIOT IoT Gateway Blueprint 

Case Attributes





Blueprint Family - Proposed   Name


Use Case

IoT gateway

Blueprint proposed Name

ELIOT IoT gateway

Initial POD Cost (capex)

100's USD or less

As low as $30

Scale & Type

10K, 100K, 1000K

ARM devices or servers

X86 devices or servers


Smart cities, IIoT, uCPE, ...

Power Restrictions


Infrastructure orchestration

Containers, Kubernetes, Kubernetes ecosystem


various, or NA

Workload Type


Additional Details


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  1. Hi,

    Our team at Calsoft Inc. has managed to run the ELIOT blueprint with K8s using 2VMS: iot-mgr and iot-node. If it is fine, we can share the qcow2 images of both the VMs which will have the prerequisites and couple of changes required in the VM. People can then simply run the file to do the deployment. It will save debug time for people. Also, we will provide the documentation. Let me know if this sounds fine.

  2. Hi Pavan,

    Thanks for your effort and appreciate the work done.

    sure you can share the changes and qcow2 images and we can discuss based on them. Will followup over the mail.

    We have weekly call every Wednesday @6:30 PM IST and we can discuss more about this in that call. 

  3. Hi Pavan, can you please point me into the link where your generated documentation is being hosted for this ELIOT Blueprint? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Team, 

    We are working on Edge Lightweight IoT (ELIOT) - IoT Gateway  Blue print  and we created two instances in Openstack, one being controller node and one being Edge node to setup for ELIOT Setup
    When running the script to install ELIOT from Controller node, Till cloning the eliot repo is done on Edge node but after that docker is not getting installed on edge node.

    The sourcing is not being done in the script file. Because of that docker is not getting installed on Edge node.

    Note: The Eliot repo is getting cloned into the home folder of normal user not in root user when running the script.

    I suspect sudo command is not working on remote machine.

    Could any one please help me out on how to solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Bujunuri,

    Sure we can help to resolve this env. issue.

    I hope Abhijit already started discussion with you and soon will be able to resolve.

    let us know if any further assistance need.

    May be if your team  have future use cases plan using ELIOT, we can discuss further for your use cases and incorporate in ELIOT.

    for further discussion, you can join our Weekly call on wednesday 7:30 PM IST as per below details

    ELIOT Weekly Meeting

  6. Hello, could you please anybody help me with this ?
    ELIOT Installation 
    Thanks a lot !