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This document covers both ELIOT Blueprint Use Case.

ELIOT is "Enterprise Edge Lightweight and IOT" project under Akraino approved blueprint family and part of Akraino Edge Stack, which intends to develop a fully integrated edge network infrastructure and running edge computing applications on lightweight Edge Nodes. ELIOT targets on making the edge node a lightweight software stack which can be deployed on edge nodes which have limited hardware capacity by leveraging lightweight OS, container running environment and container orchestration applications.

In addition ELIOT stack focuses to have infrastructure for edge computing which will enable high performance, high availability, security and reduce latency.

Akarino Test Group Information

The Test Environment consists of two topology :

  1. ELIOT topology with Kubernetes Cluster
  2. ELIOT topology with KubeEdge

Overall Test Architecture

ELIOT topology with Kubernetes Cluster.
ELIOT Manager and single ELIOT Edge Node are installed VM having Ubuntu 16.04.

In ELIOT Manager the is executed which internally installs docker ,k8s and tests k8s deployment by deploying nginx on ELIOT Edge Node

ELIOT topology with KubeEdge

ELIOT Manager and single ELIOT Edge Node are installed VM having Ubuntu 16.04.

In ELIOT Manager Docker, K8S , KubeEdge-EdgeController is installed and in ELIOT Edge Docker and KubeEdge-EdgeCore is installed.

In the KubeEdge init command the nginx is deployed in ELIOT - Edge Core.

Traffic Generator


Test API description

The Test inputs

There should be a nginx.yaml configuration files which is used for deploying the Nginx on ELIOT Edge Node.

Test Procedure

The script will deploy nginx server in the ELIOT Edge Node after Kubernetes Installation.

Expected output

It will check nginx deployment and result the details in the log.

Test Results

root@akraino-slave-0001:~# kubectl get nodes

NAME                              STATUS   ROLES   AGE  VERSION

akraino-slave-0001      Ready   master   18h    v1.13.0

akraino-slave-0002      Ready   <none>  18h    v1.13.0

root@akraino-slave-0001:~# kubectl get pods

NAME                                                              READY    STATUS     RESTARTS AGE

nginx-deployment-74d48dbfb8-kvx9q 1/1       Running           0            18h

Blueprint extension tests


Feature Project Tests


Test Dashboards

Single pane view of how the test score looks like for the Blue print.

Total Tests

Test Executed



In Progress


Additional Testing




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