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Andrew Wilkinson, Sharad Mishra , Tapio Tallgren, Bruce Lin, Fengjaxin, Jordy, Zeyupang, Qianzhao 

Blueprint Validation Projects reviewed for graduation to Incubation state:

  1. 5G MEC Slice System
  2. A-IOT in Smart Office


Andrew Wilkinson, Ramki Krishnan, Srinivasa Addepalli, Tapio Tallgren, Frank Zdarsky, Kuralamudhan Ramakrishnan, Prem Sanker

Blueprint Validation Projects reviewed:

  1. Multi-Server Cloud native NFV and App stack


Sub-committee members present  Andrew, Suhkdev

Feature Projects reviewed:

1. Akraino Profiling

2. Regional Controller

Blueprint Validation Projects reviewed:

IEC Family - AI/ML and AR/VR applications at Edge


Sub-committee members present Andrew, Sukhdev.

Inwinstack's proposal for a BP based on a FP:

Feature Project review:

Blueprint Project review:

Notes: Currently only a single committer is identified (Inwinstack) however Inwinstack will now approach other community members to add contributors.


Sub-committee members present Tapio, Tina, Andrew

Feature Projects reviewed:

Blueprint Validation Projects reviewed:

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