Akraino Release Notes for the IEC Blue Print

This document covers both Integrated Edge Cloud Type 1 & 2.


This document provides the release notes for IEC Blue Print in Akraino. IEC (Integrated Edge Cloud) is a platform that will enable new functionalities and business models on the network edge. The benefits of running applications on the network edge are - Better latencies for end users - Less load on network since more data can be processed locally - Fully utilize the computation power of the edge devices.

The platform is typically available for both x86 and aarch64 architectures, and IEC type1 with small deployment now just support aarch64 platform. IEC is designed to work with multiple edge use-cases.

Release Data

Version change


Module version changes


Document Version Changes

0.115 May 2019IEC Blueprint TeamFirst draft


Software Deliverable

Software is available in the IEC repo

Documentation Deliverable

Fixed Issues and Bugs

Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

System Limitations

  • Min number of blades: 1 Jumpserver

Known Issues





For more information on the Akraino Release 1, please see:

  1. Akraino Home Page
  2. IEC Wiki
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