File uploads for KubeEdge team sharing

  File Modified
PDF File Signalogic_KubeEdge_ASR_Offloading_Demo_Rev2b.pdf Aug 11, 2020 by Jeff Brower
PDF File Signalogic_KubeEdge_ASR_Offloading_Demo_Rev2c.pdf Aug 13, 2020 by Jeff Brower
PDF File kubeedge_ai_intro.pdf Aug 19, 2020 by Yin Ding
File KubeEdgeMLManagement.yaml Oct 30, 2020 by Jiafeng Zhu


  1. ASR offloading demo slides Rev2b has clear images. Previous were blurry

  2. Note - in addition to creating a KubeEdge file archive page, I also asked Brett to create a #kubeedge hashtag. I think hashtags are used to sort e-mails, so when sending an email to KubeEdge blueprint members, do like this:

    cc:           ...
    subject:   topic of email  #kubeedge