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Clussys Inc.
Bart Dong Tencent
Manik Sidana
Ysemi Computing



China Mobile

Ampere Computing


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Meeting Minutes
10PTLs and Subcommittee Chair Update

Discussion to activate akraino

I would like to ask Kendall to conduct a survey of TSC members and akraino members.
Questionnaire to TSC members
1. How often do you attend TSC meetings?
2. Why can't you attend the TSC meeting?
   a. The opening time is not suitable.
   b. I don't know when it is held.
   c. The agenda has no content of interest.
   d. Others
3. What do you expect from akraino?
   a. Outreach
   b. Creating Collaboration
   c. Others

Questionnaire to Akraino members
1. How much activity did you do at akraino last year?
    a. contributed code or wiki pages
    b. none
2. (If none in Q1) 
    Why did you stop working at akraino?

3. What do or did you expect from akraino?
   a. Outreach
   b. Creating Collaboration
   c. Others

What topic did attract you 
What topic does attract you 

■Ideas for other activities
・recognition badge
・agenda to attract people
    ・guest speaker for networking oppotunity and collaboration
・pre-meeting preparation

Fukano Haruhisa ask Kendall to conduct a survey based on the left questionnaire.

10Confirmation whether each weekly meeting is active or not.Fukano Haruhisa 

Waiting for reply from PTL
・ICN - Integrated Cloud Native NFV/App stack family
・MEC-based Stable Topology Prediction for Vehicular Networks
・CFN (Computing Force Network) Ubiquitous Computing Force Scheduling
・Connected Vehicle Blueprint(Aka CVB)
・IEC Type 4: AR/VR oriented Edge Stack
・Private LTE/5G ICN Blueprint

Pre-archived state. Remove schedule.
・Rural Edge Blueprint

Confirmed with PTL that we can delete weekly meeting schedule.
・Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI) Blueprint Family
・Network Cloud with Tungsten Fabric

Bounce back email due to PTL contact information change
・IEC type1&2
・IEC Type 5: SmartNIC for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family
・IEC Type 3: Android cloud native applications on Arm servers in edge for Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) Blueprint Family
・AI Edge Blueprint Family
・Akraino Cassini BP

  As we said in email, we will delete the meeting setting after June 24.

5Hackathon with OCP

I will propose to spend $5k from akraino's budget to OCP hackathon as sponsor. The following are the advantages that akraino can gain by sponsoring.
・Increase awareness of LF Edge and akraino by collaborating with OCP, a well-attended community

・Hackathon participants will identify edge use cases, find ways to use Blueprints, and propose new Blueprints

The results for fiscal 2023 are as follows.
The 1st Round of the 2023 Edge-Native AI Hackathon is Complete » Open Compute Project

2023 OCP Global Summit Hackathon was Amazing » Open Compute Project

・2024 Budget plan
    Akraino Budget                       $10,000
    Planning amounts
        Award trophies                    $2,275
        OCP sponsor                        $5,000 

From Kendall
It looks like OCP is interested in hosting a hackathon again and are asking LF Edge to sponsor $5k. Unfortunately, the overall LF Edge budget does not have the money to put towards this. 

Last year, the $5k for this hackathon came from the Akraino Discretionary Funds. Is Akraino interested in sponsoring this hackathon again using your discretionary funds? 

From Kendall

Stage 3 projects all receive $10k in discretionary funds each year. 
Correct, LF Edge did not budget for the OCP Hackathon, but we know that Akraino was involved with the hackathon last year and used your funds for the hackathon, which is why we reached out to you. It is no pressure to use your funds for this hackathon sponsorship if Akraino does not wish to participate again. 

15Release 8

Action Items (Open Action Item Tracker)

Release date voting sep or nov

Votes (template below)

Zoom Chat Log

(email)Voting:  incubation review about Predictive Maintenance of Hardware

Motion: Fukano Haruhisa 

Seconds: Ike Alisson 

3/29/2024 approved.

SL No.Voting MemberMember CompanyY/N/A
2Ike Alisson AliconY
3Tina Tsou Arm Y
4Yin Ding GoogleY
5Manik Sidana
6Ysemi Computing
8Jeff Brower SignalogicY
9China MobileY
10Ampere Computing
11Clussys Inc.
12sujata tibrewala ByteDance Y
14Bart Dong Tencent
15Rick Cao Meta