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Core Projects

Akraino consists of the following projects:

Regional Controller

Scripts for initializing an Akraino regional controller and installing Portal components (e.g., GUI, Workflow engine, etc.)

Portal User Interface

Built and installed as a Docker container.

Camunda Workflow

Workflow engine, templates, and scripts for automated installation of Akraino clusters

Invoked from the Portal UI; built and installed as Docker containers.

YAML Builds

YAML files and accompanying scripts for installing an Akraino cluster

Invoked from the Workflow engine; largely concerned with installing Airship.


Scripts for installing ONAP on an operational Akraino cluster

ONAP is installed as a single VM.

Sample VNF

A sample VNF used to evaluate Akraino cluster functionality

VNF is intended for installation within ONAP.


Scripts for imaging and booting nodes via the Redfish API

Test Automation

Tempest tests for evaluating OpenStack functionality within an Akraino cluster

Airship in a Bottle


  • To be Announced

Database Schema


Additional Resources

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  1. How to contribute to Akraino? Any page which explain which branch we need to commit and log bugs??