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Akraino-Women of the Year

This awards recognizes women representation in Akraino community. This category identifies the individual who has been a champion for Akraino community and has provided a significant contribution as a committer, contributor, sub-committee, and/or TSC member.

1. Jane Shen -
Nomination Text:
For technical leadership and vision
Great job for API Sub-Committee, and API map

2. Cindy Xing- Microsoft
Nomination Text:
Great contribution from hyperscaler on PCEI, IoT Area, the AI Edge

3. Tina Tsou- Arm-
Nomination Text:
For her outstanding leadership as Akraino TSC Chair. Tina has been with Akraino since its inception starting as TSC Co-Chair and helped expand Akraino to include more members and driving the delivery of 4 Akraino Releases. She has the ability to get people to work together, achieve consensus, and actively follows through on open items to bring them to closure. She has a good rapport with all participating members across all PTLs, sub-committee leads, committers and contributors.
She has been a great leader in the Akraino community. She has tirelessly helped new projects and contributors in integrating into the Akraino community. She has been a wonderful chair of the TSC guiding projects to move forward. For dedication to Akraino community and leadership of Akraino.
She has shown exemplary leadership qualities while championing Akraino community.

4.Yolanda Robla Mota - Red Hat-
Nomination Text:
Excellent PTL for KNI BP family

Akraino- Top Akrainoians

Champion of Akraino - This individual helps Akraino community to build, spread awareness about the Akraino community in the industry and in its Blueprint. Created an impact in the Akraino community and helped build this community stronger, driving interest and excitement in the community.

Voting Body: TSC+PTLs

1. Tina Tsou - Arm
Nomination Text:
With a level of insight and details into each individual BPs contact names, Architecture and Development Plan, that is in level, knowledge and insight to 2nd to none within Akraino and her continuous engagement, support, motivation to the BPs PTLs and Development Team, TSC members, Akraino Sub-committee Chairs and members, I would like to nominate Tina Tsou for the award as "Top Akrainoian". Sincerely yours,

2. Oleg Berzin - Equinix
Nomination Text:
Lead hyperscaler activities as co-chair
He has demonstrated tremendous leadership qualities while leading and evangelizing PCEI BP family, a complex undertaking.

3. Ike Alisson- Alicon
Nomination Text:
For deep expertise and ever inquiring mind and for keeping Akraino community up to date on latest industry and standards developments

4.Deepak Kataria, AT&T
Nomination Text:
Being involved since its inception, Deepak Kataria contributed to the development of BluVal Feature Project as well as integration projects such Network Cloud R1&R2 and validation of Radio Edge Cloud blueprint (part of Telco Appliance Family). BluVal project is used for gating Akraino blueprints for mature releases since R2 to R4 releases and beyond. Deepak has also spread Akraino awareness by contributing to release annoucements and blueprint briefs. Further, he organized Akraino Edge Stack Summit 2018 in NJ, Akraino Edge Stack New York City Event, June 27, 2019, Akraino Workshop / Regional Developer Meetup - India December 16, 2019 and Supported 03/02~03/2020 Akraino TSC F2F & 2020 Planning meeting. He also provided support for TSC meetings until March 2020.

5. Yanjun Chen- CMRI
Nomination Text:
Lead Akraino blueprints deployment in 100+ trials

6. Randy Stricklin-AT&T
Nomination Text:
For adherance to security standards and quality

7. Surojit Banerjee- AWS
Nomination Text:
Lead tami-COVID activities through Akraino blueprints, bring technologies to save lives in rural area

Akraino - Committers of the Year

This award recognizes the individual, who excels in the technical contributions to Akraino projects. The Top Committer made significant contributions to the key features in the Akraino project, that is more important and beneficial to the projects and Akraino as whole. The contribution is so important that it has uplifted the Akraino community and created an external impact as well.

Voting Body: Voting members from the recent TSC Member election

1. Bart Dong- Tencent
Nomination Text-
IEC Type4: AR/VR Oriented Edge Stack for Integrated Edge Cloud

2. James Li - China Mobile
Nomination Text-
For expertise in CI/CD and software development

3. Deepak Kataria, AT&T
Nomination Text:
Deepak Kataria made signification contributions and led to the delivery of BluVal project in Akraino. BluVal (Blueprint Validation) Framework is a cloud native full stack test automation tool based on a disaggregated and layered approach for test and validation of implementations to ensure conformance. BluVal disaggregates the implementation and associated manifests into their layers and provides automated validation framework to test each layer one by one to achieve end-to-end validation of the implementation. All results are standardized by using Robot Framework which creates an html file of test results that is easy to read and interpret. By virtue of its modular design, the BluVal framework is extensible and provides a simple, declarative test harness for authoring and executing test suites. New functional tests can be written up from scratch in Robot, with simple human-readable commands, or existing upstream tests can be quickly integrated with a few lines of template code that can call any other testing or scripting tool. BluVal framework also provides a portal (User Interface) for viewing executed test result. BluVal is used as gating tool for mature releases in Akraino.

4.Hao Xu- Futurewei
Nomination Text:
Guided numerous developers for CI/CD, BluVal

5. Ricardo Noriega De Soto- Red hat
Nomination Text:
For deep technical expertise. Brings KNI and openshift to deployment through hardening the code

6. Liya Yu- Baidu
Nomination Text:
Built AI Edge code and testing, deployment

Akraino - Blueprint of the Year

Nominations for "Top Blueprints of the year"

This is an exclusive award category for recognizing the Blueprint team that has created a huge impact in the Akraino community. This award recognizes the Blueprints that has showcased significant and rich technical features, very successful in Akraino community for collaborations(within the Akarino community or with Universities and NGOs), achieved landing applications and successfully show casing the features through PoC , field trails and production.

Voting Body: TSC+PTLs

1. ICN -
Nomination Text:
Multi-Server Integrated Cloud native NFV/App stack This blueprint has showcase success demonstration of cross collaboration with other BPs with components such EMCO, Nodus and SDEWAN. This sub projects in this BPs landed on field trails with Customers such Verizon and Reliance JIO

2. IEC type 4: AR/VR

3. KNI Industrial Edge-
Nomination Text:
For technical and deployment maturity

Nomination Text:
Showcasing a real 4G/5G network running on top and make a phone call

5. PCEI-
Nomination Text:
Top hyperscalers and Telcos adopt it

6. Private LTE/5G Blueprint-
Nomination Text:
For advancing important Mobile Infrastructure capabilities

7. KubeEdge-
Nomination Text:
1st blueprint going through all the criteria of Akraino Release 5, deployed in ETC

8. IEC Type 3 Android Cloud-
Nomination Text:
Application Widely adopted in hyperscalers

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  1. Overall there are 16 categories here. That certainly is many. I would suggest we gather some data points:

    1. Total number of active Akraino community contributors
    2. Total number of Akraino blueprints
    3. Total number of Akraino feature projects

    Our total number of awards should be a relatively small percentage of the total number of people. We want the awards to be very special yet attainable.

    My thoughts.