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ONAP Community wiki:

There are two broad types of active activities:

(1) How to deploy part of ONAP components to the Edge

(2) How to enable ONAP to, collaboratively with the Edge orchestrator,  deploy/manage VNFs in the Edge.

Questions for ONAP Edge Automation: (04/08/2019)

  1. What is the plan for the ONAP Edge project for El Alto, especially as it relates to Akraino?
  2. Are there plans to bring Edge-based use cases, and functional requirements to El Alto? 
    1. Will these requirements come in through existing ONAP Project Components (e.g., MultiCloud, OOF etc)?

      These are the edge related *proposed* use cases and functional requirements for ONAP El Alto.

  3. What are the planned ONAP Architecture changes to support the ONAP Edge work?

    Work in progress for El Alto and Beyond

  4. What is the status of OSAM in ONAP?

    Slowly progressing --

  5. Are there any current or planned POCs for ONAP Edge use cases?

    Distributed Analytics as a Service was a PoC in Dublin.

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