Wei Chen  Jian Li 

Currently, PCEI installation is a straightforward manual process:

  • Start with a new installation of a Ubuntu server, or a Ubuntu VM (16.04 and later version is preferred)
  • Install git by 'sudo apt install git'
  • Install docker per the instructions from https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/ubuntu/
  • Pull the PCEI source code from Gerrit: git clone "https://gerrit.akraino.org/r/pcei"
  • Build the docker image by 'cd pcei/locationAPI/nodejs && docker build -t pcei_api_docker .'
  • Now you can start PCEI from the newly build docker image by 'docker run --detach -p 8081:8081 pcei_api_docker' 

The installation flow is depicted below:

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