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Project Cassini - Unlocking the IoT and Infrastructure Edge's potential

There are many possible Use Cases that would be covered under Project Cassini

Use Case

All of the use cases under Project Cassini

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Blueprint proposed

Smart Cities

Industrial IoT Gateways

Software-Defined Embedded Edge

Orchestrating Apps at the edge

Universal CPE

Software-Defined Smart Cameras

IIoT and Smart Manufacturing

Connected Space and Smart Buildings

Oil & Gas

Explore how the Secure Municipal, Agricultural, Rural, and Telco Edge Research (SMARTER) stack leverages Project Cassini for virtualized, multi-tenant architectures for Intelligent Gateways for smart city architectures.

Initial POD Cost (capex)

Varies widely depending on the Blueprint

Scale of Servers

Varies widely depending on the Blueprint


Multiple workloads on diverse devices and gateways,
deployed through containers and orchestrated in a uniform and consistent way regardless of the application, OS, OEM/ODM or Silicon provider

Power Restrictions


Preferred Infrastructure orchestration

Docker/K8 - Container Orchestration

Integration of PARSEC with runtime environment

OS - Linux, Windows IoT, Android, both commercial or off the shelve Open Source OS.

Additional Details

Project Cassini is an open, collaborative, standards-based initiative to deliver a cloud-native software experience across a secure Arm edge ecosystem.

This is for the Family, Blueprint creators are welcome to join by adding their name. 




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Olivier BernardArmOlivier.Bernard@arm.comGMT-8Director - High-Performance IoT

Cindy XingMicrosoftcixing@microsoft.comPacific





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