Please refer to the NC Family Documentation - Release 1 for full details of the Rover blueprint

Blueprint Description

The Rover blueprint is based on the original seed code provided by AT&T as the foundation for the Akraino Network Cloud Blueprint Family.  The Rover blueprint is a single server deployment using the Network Cloud family tools.  From the Regional Controller, users can deploy a single server edge site running Openstack.  Once the edge site deployment is complete, the Regional Controller can add components to the edge site such as a sample VNF that simulates a Content Delivery Network or ONAP to orchestrate more complex VNFs deployments.

Use Case

The Rover blueprint is primarily intended to demonstrate the automation and software components used by the Network Cloud family with the minimal hardware or network requirements. 

Where on the Edge

The Rover blueprint can be deployed at any location in a network where a single server multi-tenant Openstack service is required to support applications. 

Overall Architecture

The Network Cloud Architecture describes a detailed architectural view of Akraino Edge Stack Network Cloud (NC) Blueprint Family in R1.

The figure below shows the collection of opensource projects that enable the Akraino Edge Stack Network Cloud (NC) Blueprint Family.

Platform Architecture

The Regional Controller fully automatically deploys one or more each edge sites under its control. Rover pods consist of a single server. The configuration for each Rover edge site is defined in a user provided input file.  Additional details can be found in the NC Family Documentation - Release 1.



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