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Security Sub-Committee: 

This Sub-Committee will develop and describe the security architecture, functional security requirements, and implementation recommendations for Akraino. Security encompasses both platform and network security.

Sub-Committee Chair - Haitao Wang, Elected  

Sub-Committee Chair: Ken Yi. Elected on 12/3/2018. Stepped Down 11/5/19

A Co-Chair position was approved by TSC on 02/11/2020. Self-Nominations are invited by entering input in the table below.

Self-Nomination will close 02/18/2020 and elections will be held 02/19/2020.

Randy Stricklin, AT&T was elected and approved by TSC as Co-Chair on  

Please join the Security Sub-Committee mail list by self-adding within the Akraino Mail List Sub-Groups page. 

Note: Please ensure that both the name and email address for each member is listed on each sub-committee membership wiki page in order to properly set up CIVS voting when required.

Interested parties sign up:





Self Nominate for Chair (Y/N)Self Nominate for Co-Chair (Y/N)Bio/Photo

Shu LinPalo Alto

Ken YiDidi US

Wenhui ZhangPenn State 

Wenhui ZhangNNI am focusing on building secure operating systems and distributed systems with tolerable performance overhead. I am working on Information Flow Authorization, Consensus Protocols and CRDTs, and their applications to real world systems.

Qasim ArhamJuniper

Haitao wangY

I am part of the open-source data-centric software stack team in Software, Service, Product group, Intel. I worked mostly in edge-computing, NFV, IoT security. 

Yang (Gabriel) YuHuaweigabriel.yuyang@huawei.comYang (Gabriel) Yu


Nilanjan SamajdarAltrannilanjan.samajdar@altran.comNilanjan Samajdar


Principal Systems Engineer

Altran,Research & Innovation Group

I am part of the Advanced Networks & Compute team in Altran's
Research & Innovation group.
I work mostly in Edge-Computing, 5G Virtualization, Cloud-Native Security

Randy StricklinAT&Trs7776@att.comRandy Stricklin

Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T

I am a member of the Chief Security Office (CSO) at AT&T.  My current focus is on Cloud/Microservices Security, Public Cloud/Third Party Cloud Security, Network DDoS Protection, and ONAP Security.

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