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Security Sub-Committee: 

This Sub-Committee will develop and describe the security architecture, functional security requirements, and implementation recommendations for Akraino. Security encompasses both platform and network security.

Current Chair - Daniil Egranov, Arm was elected and approved by TSC as Chair on  

Current Co-Chair - Wenhui Zhang, Bytedance was elected and approved by TSC as Co-Chair on 

Please join the Security Sub-Committee mail list by self-adding within the Akraino Mail List Sub-Groups page. 

Nominations are closed.  Please note your interest in serving as the Security Sub-Committee Chair by placing a 'Y' in the 'Self Nominate for Chair' column below.  Also, ensure that all of your personal information is correct and that the Bio/Photo column has been updated.

Note: Please ensure that both the name and email address for each member is listed on each sub-committee membership wiki page in order to properly set up CIVS voting when required.

As per the Akraino Community process and directed by TSC, a blueprint which has only one nominee for Project Technical Lead (PTL) will be the elected lead once at least one committer seconds the nomination after the close of nominations.  If there are two or more, an election will take place.

Interested parties sign up:





Self Nominate for Chair (Y/N)Self Nominate for Co-Chair (Y/N)Bio/Photo

Shu LinPalo Alto

Ken YiDidi US

Wenhui ZhangBytedance

Wenhui Zhang

I am focusing on building secure operating systems and distributed systems with tolerable performance overhead. I am working on Information Flow Authorization, Consensus Protocols and CRDTs, and their applications to real world systems.

Qasim ArhamJuniper

Haitao wang

I am part of the open-source data-centric software stack team in Software, Service, Product group, Intel. I worked mostly in edge-computing, NFV, IoT security. 

Yang (Gabriel) YuHuaweigabriel.yuyang@huawei.comYang (Gabriel) Yu


System Architect, Arm

I am a system architect in the Arm Architecture Technology Group. I am part of the Infrastructure Security Team and work on platform and firmware security architecture.

Nilanjan SamajdarAltrannilanjan.samajdar@altran.comNilanjan Samajdar

Principal Systems Engineer

Altran,Research & Innovation Group

I am part of the Advanced Networks & Compute team in Altran's
Research & Innovation group.
I work mostly in Edge-Computing, 5G Virtualization, Cloud-Native Security

Randy StricklinAT&Trs7776@att.comRandy Stricklin

Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T

I am a member of the Chief Security Office (CSO) at AT&T.  My current focus is on Cloud/Microservices Security, Public Cloud/Third Party Cloud Security, Network DDoS Protection, and ONAP Security.

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