The UNH-IOL currently hosts the Akraino Shared Community Lab.  The Community Lab provide resources to the Akraino and LF Edge development communities, through the support of the Linux Foundation and donation from participants.  The lab was initially founded in April 2019, and is working to add additional resources.  These pages, hardware lists, and documentation will be updated as resources become available.  

Access to the lab and its resources is controlled through an OpenVPN connection.  Each user needs an account, currently created and maintained by the lab host (see below).  Once connected to the VPN, users will have access to the pods and networking equipment in the community lab.  Each pod has a primary and secondary contact for the pod, who is responsible for the oversight and sharing of the pod resources.  Please do not make changes to a pod without coordinating with the pod contacts. 

Each pod consists of 1 or more servers and networking fabrics (one or more switches).  A pod is intended to be a self contained unit, where the pod user is able to make changes to the networking configuration or enable SDN control of the network / switch.

The community lab project is part of the CI, Blueprint Validation Lab TSC Subcommittee.  To request resources within the lab for your plugfest, please complete the Lab Topology Template for BluePrints and submit it to the Subcommittee for review.

Lab documentation is being moved over to the LF Edge Wiki, as lab operation and oversight is assumed by the LF Edge TAC and the lab subcommittee

LF Edge Shared Lab Wiki

Host & Pod Access

This will be slightly different for each pod, but each pod will have an IPMI/LOM connection available.  This connection will be reachable through the VPN and from the public network of the pod, and can be used to control the automated install or deployment onto the pod, depending on the desired blueprint.  Each pod has its own documentation page in this wiki space.

Available Pods

Pod NameHardware Description
ThunderX2 Pod #1
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Gigabyte R281-T91
  • 1x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR330A
ThunderX2 Pod #2
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Gigabyte R281-T91
  • 1x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR330A
Intel Pod 1
  • 3x Intel LWF2208IR540605
  • 2x Intel NUC8i3CYSM
  • 2x NUCi7BEK
Intel Pod 2
  • 1x Intel LWF2208IR540605
  • 2x Intel LWF2208IR540606
Intel Pod 3
  • 3x Intel R2208WFTZSR
Intel Pod 4
  • 3x Intel R2208WFTZSR (To be available soon)
Unicycle Pod
  • 2x: Dell R740
  • 2x: Intel LWF2208IR540605
  • 3x: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10
Ampere Pod 1
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR330A
Ampere Pod 2
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR330A

Ampere Pod 3

  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR350A

Acceptable Usage Policy

Acceptable Usage Policy, v2.0 - Approved January 30, 2020

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