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General StarlingX Architecture Documents

Distributed Cloud Topology

  • Central Cloud Region
    • Hosting Shared Services
    • System-wide Infrastructure Orchestration functions:
      • Deployment and Management of Edge Clouds
      • Configuration portal for shared configuration across
        all Edge Clouds
      • Fault aggregation across all Edge Clouds
      • Patching orchestration across all Edge Clouds
  • Remote Cloud Regions
    • Geographically dispersed
    • Scalable from 1 to 1000s of Servers
    • Connected via L3 IP Network
    • Running reduced Control Plane
  • Inter-Region Communications strictly REST APIs / L3.

Common Software Stack

  • Zero Touch Provisioning
    • StarlingX based
    • Containers and VM application deployment
    • Small infrastructure foot print for far edge deployments
      • Distributed cloud
      • Duplex far edge sites

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