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Xose Ramon SousaOptare Solutionsxrsousa@optaresolutions.comR&D Manager


Santiago RodriguezOptare Solutionssrodriguez@optaresolutions.comSolution Architect

Fernando LamelaOptare Solutionsflamela@optaresolutions.comSolution Architect



GreenCyclops-Pitch Presentation Slide Deck-v1.0.mp4

Use Case Details


Use Case  based on Akraino definitions and works related (IoT and AI Edge, using 5G technology for communications)

Blueprint Family - Proposed Name

AI Edge, 5G MEC System, Smart Cities

Use Case

Create a platform with capability for natural environment surveillance and Agricultural production protection, using different edge covered areas and using autonomous equipment for a quick deployment, in combination with Cloud platform backend resources

Blueprint proposed Name

 Sustainability and natural environment protection blueprint

Initial POD Cost (capex)

Unicycle POD (k8s version) // Satellite (only docker version) // Cruiser or Tricycle for 5G access support

Scale & Type

X86 or ARM edge server


AI Edge based services, using or not federated learning capabilities

Power Restrictions


Infrastructure orchestration

Docker and K8s(opt.) - Container Orchestration

OS - Ubuntu 20.x or above

OP – Optare MEC App/Service orchestration



Workload Type


Additional Details

HiveMQ MQTT Broker

Kafka Message Bus

NoSQL Persistence – Elasticsearch v7.x or above

SQL Persistence – PostgreSQL v12 or above

Docker + k8s (k8s or lightweight  - k3s/microk8s)

Helm chart for platform infrastructure installation

Kubernetes, Docker, Intel OpenVino, Yolov5 models, Elastic, PostgreSQL, Keycloak, Kong HQ, Python, Spring-Boot, Angular

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  1. Would you add the demo video here?

    1. Of course, we can upload the video we used for demonstration purposes.

  2. I love the concept, what stage the project is in, is the work going to start now, already developed or work being done. My next question is why do you want to be part of Akraino Blueprints, normally we see when there are multi party collaborators people like to work in open source. We are happy that you are here, but want to understand your motivation here

    1. Hi Sujata, we developed a demo for the ETSI/OCP Hackathon and nowadays we are working to add more functionalities over the existent architecture defined. we are using open source as a base as a common practice for starting in several projects (obviously no all open source resources have the same consistency, so we support on them when they cover our needs as a base and they have strong support from the community), so, considering we can have some private developments, if we can collaborate with the base of this solution in form of blueprint with the community is a way of "paying back"

  3. Please show/add on which 3GPP 5G Release you support and the Architecture for UAV/UAS with Protocols & Interfaces for Direct and Indirect Communication, and the same for the IoT (is it CIoT or PINs/CPNs) and for the ETSI MEC, add on the Architecture & the support in implementation of AppD & AppInfo on MEP and the Management on MEC System Level (as it is static) and whteher you also implement/support in MEC CCF and respective interfaces/APIs as e.g. on MP3 & Edge 9 in 5G Architecture and which specified in 3GPP 5G KPIs Service Requirements for UAV/UAS you fulfill.

    1. Hi Ike, the demo we have shown, as we comment in the presentation, have two parts. One of them is related with the functionalities described for Green Cyclops (including all the services/applications/functions running over Edge nodes, the management application running over Cloud resources and the AI inference models), and the other, is an implementation we have been working on internally in Optare of the Operator Platform following the functional definitions of the GSMA OPG and OPAG working groups. This OP implementation can manage Edge capabilities, applications and functions using SBI to communicate with network and cloud-edge interfaces (among others) as well as the Federation requirements throughout NBI/EWBI. At this point is where we manage the compute and network resource requirements. For the demo, we have an integration at those level with the ETSI apis for the sandbox scenario.

      1. Fernando, thank you for your reply with an elaboration. On the GSMA OPG, I had supplied Dario Sabella, Chair, ETSI MEC ISG  with the initial specifications already in June 2021. I can share with you my mail correspondance to him with the respective GSMA OPG specifications, upon your wish &/or request. Please be so kind to elaborate which version(s) your had implemented/support? On the ETSI Sandbox and APIs verification through it, you can listen to the saved version of the ETSI MEC Sandbox presentation given last year and the answer to my question about the ETSI MEC Sandbox capability to perform, at the same time, verificaiton on LTE and 5G and the reply to me that "It is just a tool". Therein, I shall appreciate, if, in your future presentation(s), you add clear and specific references to which ETSI MEC and/or 3GPP specifications your Demo supports/, and in case that you have a Product, then which Release it is and, when it comes to ETSI MEC and/or 3GPP 5G as well as your participation in ETSI MEC & ETSI NFV performed Testing/Verifications led by Laurent Velez, ETSI Technical Expert, to also elaborate on that. We already have the results of that. To summarize, you just have "a demo"? Is that correct? Thanks in advance. //Ike

        1. Hi Ike, regarding Green Cyclops solution presented at the OCP, it's a demo based on ETSI Sandbox (version 1.9), regarding the OP platform described, and taking into account the scope i describe previously, we have scenarios and tests with 5G MPNs (using self service n40 band) where we have Nokia infrastructure with 22R4 SW version that supports 3GPP Release 16.

          1. Fernando, Thank you for your reply with an elaboration. Now, I have some understanding. It is appreciated. //Ike A.

  4. Hello Xose, Santiago, and Fernando-

    I have come questions.

    1) Is there a PTL assigned ?

    2) Can you please address Sujata's comments ?

    3) Can you please address Ike's comments ?



    1. Hi Jeff, regarding first question, the answer is none and regarding the second and third question, we have just answer Sujata's and Ike's comments.