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Agenda Items

Presented By



Release Status

Kandan Kathirvel

Release 3 Planning

AI - PTLs / Project teams requested to self nominate for Release 3

AI - Add BluVal (Kandan)- to the table

New BPs for R3 need to be added

  • (Kandan)- need a deadline (end of April) for the BP with May being the final deadline.
  • (Kandan)- we need to agree with the testing.  Tapio will go through the process on Tuesday's call.
  • (Andrew) - what about a mature project in R2, but with a lot of changes, do they need to go through the process again?
    • Kandan- need to walk through it again.  have the PTL request to be reviewed by the sub committee

Voting Results and Votes

Vote- New

  1. Samir Chatterjee of Rebecca has been elected as Documentation Sub-Committee Chair.  TSC needs to vote to confirm.  
  2. New BP "Enterprise Applications on Light weight 5G Telco Edge" presented to technical sub committee and process sub-committee last week and this week, need to review and Vote by TSC for graduation to incubation state.

Vote- Results- None

Elections in process-

  • Upstream Subcommittee
    • Co-Chair- only one person self-nominated (ends 30 March)
  • Robotaxi Blueprint
    • PTL - only one person self-nominated- ends 30 March

AI Kandan- have a couple of phone calls to reflect on the differences between BP.  Is the new BP different enough from another BP.

AI - All - think about what differences are needed to make a BP different

AI Kandan and Samir to setup a phone call- include Tapio and Tina

Email conversation about BP and if they are different enough/


Review and vote of  Developer facing API white paper and associated website for the week starting March 30th

Vikram SiwachMove to next week?

Election Trackers- 




Sub-committee Chair Updates

› API Sub-committee - Vikram Siwach, Jane Shen (Co-Chair)
› CI, Blueprint Validation Lab sub-committee - Peter Pouliot, Robert Qiu (Co-Chair), Lincoln Lavoie (Lab Manager)
› Community Sub-committee – Tapio Tallgren
› Documentation Sub-committee - TBE
› Process, Project review – Andrew Wilkinson
› Security Sub-committee – Haitao Wang, Randy Stricklin (Co-Chair)
› Upstream Sub-committee – Jim Xu


Upcoming Events

Action Items: Previous Action Items

Votes (template below)

TSC Voting to Approve Samir Chatterjee of Rebeca as Documentation Sub-Committee Chair.

Motion: Andrew Wilkinson

Second: Tapio Tallgren & Mark China

Motion Passes 11-0

TSC Voting to Approve New BP "Enterprise Applications on Light weight 5G Telco Edge":

Motion: Kandan Kathirvel

Second: Tina Tsou

Motion Passes 12-0

Zoom Chat Log


Voting Template

TSC Voting to Approve XYZ: