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Meeting Time: 07:00 AM PT / 03:00 PM UTC (See call time in different zones)


Meeting Recording: TBA

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Attendance is taken purely upon #info in Zoom Chat 


Agenda Items

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Presos/Notes Doug Eng  /Links/


Tuesday Guest talk

Guest speaker invited by Jeff Brower

My guest speaker had something come up, so have to postpone - Jeff

To be rescheduled.


TSC Documentation for procedure to identify and recruit Akraino localized area organizations

Jeff Brower

In the Akraino Technical Community Document, Section 4.5.1 is proposed as an addition (the proposed changes are highlighted). Email with this link, background info, and other info has been sent to the TSC mailing list. The topic came up in early December 2021, and was discussed at well-attended TSC meetings

Ike Alisson Discussion point/proposed addition/changes:

1) Out Reach Committee versus subsidiary versus new sub-committee

2) Who should own this going forward

Kuralamudhan Ramakrishnan: this should stay with the TSC

Jeff Brower - prior to TSC vote, we need feedback from TSC members active on this topic in Dec 2021.  Delay vote to a following TSC meeting.  Jeff will send a follow-up email to seek additional review and comments


5G MEC Hackathon

Proposal: present at ETSI MEC meeting.

Question: how should discussions be held and documented regarding the members only ETSI MEC activities?   Should the notes be public?  Should this session be recorded and posted?

  • Venue Host: TBD
  • Sponsors: TBD
  • Date: TBD

ETSI MEC Hackathon is interested in 4 Akraino Blueprints:

  1. CVB
  2. I-VICS
  3. ICN
  4. PCEI

What is being done related to 5G?

Kuralamudhan Ramakrishnan: this is an initial skeleton proposal.  This will need to be discussed in a future TSC meeting.


PTL Updates

  • PTLs to provide updates on the status of the Blueprints and Feature Projects
Fukano Haruhisa

Blueprint Maturity Reviews

haihui wang jin peng Yu, Liya

Fukano Haruhisa will be the Robotics PTL

Kuralamudhan Ramakrishnan : verify ICN group calendar information.

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