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10PTLs and Subcommittee Chair Update

Tina Tsou will connect DPU vendor related to to Leo Li .
    SmartNIC BP will work with SoNIC. 

Yin Ding will follow up kubeedge Bp graduation. 

Softbank Telecom is interested in CFN BP.
Tina Tsou will contact to softbank.

OCP / LF / ETSI – Edge AI Hackathon 2023 @ the OCP Global Summit 2023

Yin Ding 

The deadline was July 14th. 


San Jose, California

October 17–19, 2023

OCP provide 1hour table reservation for free.
Additional hour will be need for cost.
So, We will hold 1hour table meeting at OCP Global summit 10/18. 

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China. Sep 26–28, 2023 Shanghai, China
・CNCN offers boots sponsorship as $1000 

ONE summit regional day

There are two display in China.
One is for LF Edge solution showcase.
→If there are update about showcase from last year.
    Send to Sunny-san.
The other is for new demo.
Preparing proposal about demo
  LF Edge catalog
  CFN Blueprint


3rd Akraino awards 2022-2023

3rd Annual Akraino Awards 2022 - 2023 - Akraino - Akraino Confluence

Updated value for Trophies: $3000

07/27 Fukano Haruhisa Jeff Brower 
Kendall-san said that Pinnacle who is supplier for LF Edge proposed more affordable trophy($175 each).
I think it suits for us. If it is ok, I will start nomination of awards. 

08/01 Fukano Haruhisa 
Started voting.

Actual amounts (as of 7/4/2023)
    Akraino summit other             $ 900
Planning amounts
    Award trophies                        $2,275
    OCP sponsor                            $5,000 

Actual amounts
    Award trophies                       $5,400
    Akraino summit speaker gifts $2,000
    Akraino summit other             $1,000

Vote to "Y".
Ike Alisson 
Yin Ding 
Jeff Brower 
Tina Tsou 
Thor Chin 
Fukano Haruhisa 
Moshe Shadmon 
Yanjun Chen 
Davy Zhang 
Rong Huang 


We will extend the deadline of nomination to 3rd akraino awards 2022-2023 to September 19,
because of the small number of nominations.

Could each TSC member register candidate at the following URL?

We closed nomination on Sep 19.
The followings are nomination results.
Nominations for the 3rd Akraino Annual Awards 2022 - 2023 - Akraino - Akraino Confluence

We will start voting.
TSC Voting Starts: 22 Sept 2023
TSC Voting Ends: 6 Oct 2023


Akraino fall summit

・Annual community meeting for engineer, customer
・Date 1 week before KubeCon China or
            1 week after KubeCon China
・2~3 Day hybrid events(Virtual + on site)
    North America time zone, APAC time zone, EMEA time zone
・I would like to organize working group for this event. 

Planning to hold fall summit as co-location event in OCP global summit. It will cost $5000. Now we are voting about that. 

OCP global summit give table to akraino fall summit.

2023 Akraino fall summit(tentative) - Akraino - Akraino Confluence

AI and Data

10Release8 date

Decide release 8 target date.
Option1 September
Option2 November

Nov Moshe Shadmon 
        Thor Chin 
         Tina Tsou 
         Leo Li 
         Ike Alisson 
         Yin Ding 
         Jeff Brower 
         Yanjun Chen 
         Fukano Haruhisa 
         Rong Huang 

          Davy Zhang 
→We decided next release is November.

Edge AI Project

TAC is considering to use edgeXfoundry and FLEDGE.
→Discussed in AI Edge meeting 9/12. The following is conculution.
Shifu is proposed as a short term approach, considering the familiarity of the developers with this technology. In the future, based on demand, other solutions could be considered, including EdgeX and Fledge
Project AI Edge - LF Edge - LF Edge Confluence

Next friday, will discuss framework.
Anybody want to attend this project,
please attend regular meeting in monday.

TSC election

TSC Member Election 2023-2024 - Akraino - Akraino Confluence

Action Items (Open Action Item Tracker)

Release date voting sep or nov

Votes (template below)

Zoom Chat Log

E-Voting:  EALTEdge blueprint Maturity

Motion: Fukano Haruhisa 

Seconds:  Thor Chin