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Case AttributesDescriptionInformational
Blueprint Family - Proposed NameThe AI Edge Blueprint Family
Use CaseFederated machine learning applications for edge devices
Blueprint proposed NameFederated ML application at edge
Initial POD Cost (capex)TBD
Scale & Type1 Arm/x86 server, unlimited Arm/x86 clients

Include but not limited to

  1. federated machine learning applications on smart mobile devices.
  2. federated machine learning applications on IoT devices. 

Power RestrictionsVaries
Infrastructure orchestrationThe cloud/network infrastructure: Containers, lightweight Kubernetes K3s, Kubernetes
Operating systems: Linux (CentOS, OpenEuler)
Container runtime Docker, KubeVirt for VMs

Workload TypeContainers/VMs
SDNFlannel for container networking
Additional DetailsNA

This Blueprint was approved by the TSC on 16 April 2020.

As per the Akraino Community process and directed by TSC, a blueprint which has only one nominee for Project Technical Lead (PTL) will be the elected lead once at least one committer seconds the nomination after the close of nominations.  If there are two or more, an election will take place.

Self Nominations begin on 29 March 2021 and will conclude on 8 April 2021




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Hai Hui

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