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Case Attributes




New Blueprint

Blueprint Family - Proposed Name

Not belong to blueprint family

Use Case

Provide API Gateway for OpenStack, K8S and other platform or applications

Blueprint proposed Name

API Gateway

Initial POD Cost (capex)

1 node or 2 nodes for HA

Scale & Type

Up to 2 Arm/x86 Servers


API gateway for different platform integration.  For example, api for create K8S containers and VMs.

Power Restrictions

depends on hardware

Infrastructure orchestration

OpenStack Queens or above - VM orchestration

Docker 1.13.1 or above and K8s 1.10.2 or above- Container Orchestration

OS - Ubuntu 16.04

Under Cloud Orchestration - Airship v1.0


OVS, Calico

Workload Type

Containers, VMs

Additional Details

Kong, Gravitee