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Note : ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) term is used in the BP presentation.  This represents both infra-local-controller and infra-global-controller.



As shown in the above figure, the infra local controller is itself a Bootstrap K8s cluster, that brings up the compute k8s cluster in the edge location.  Infra-local controller has BPA, Metal3, Baremetal operator(Ironic). This section explains the details of it.

Metal3 & Ironic:

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Baremetal operator provides hardware provisioning of compute nodes by using the kubernetes API. The Baremetal operator defines a CRD BaremetalHost Object represents a physical server, it represents several hardware inventories. 

BPA (Define CRD, example CRs, RESTful API)

KuD Changes (Describe how KuD works today and what specific changes would be required)

Metal3 & Ironic


Sequence Diagrams involving all of above + CSM + Logging + Monitoring stuff