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Point of Delivery (POD) is the method in which a blueprint is deployed to a edge site. For example a edge location could have a single server or multiple servers contain in one or more racks. As the blueprint uses the declarative configuration, Point of delivery (POD) allows the way to declare the way the edge devices are organized for the deployment. POD allows cookie-cutter method to deploy on a larger scale (e.g., 10,000 plus locations) at a reduced cost. 

As an example, the below figure shows various PODs specifically from the Network Cloud blueprint family such as Cruiser, Tricycle, Unicycle, Satellite, and Rover blueprint species. Each POD has different hardware components to meet the particular Telco and enterprise use cases.

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  1. Can anyone explain the purple, orange, and brown functional elements here in details?

    1. Brown (m-sw) means "management switches", purple is (r-leaf) "R-leaf switches", orange (agg-leaf) is "aggregation leaf switches" and "c-aggregate switches"I, and finally, red (spine) are spine switches.

      The colors are just to make them stand out from the hosts/servers, which are green and the control nodes (hosts which run control plane functions) which are blue.

       I hope this helps. If more details is require, rely here and let the team know.

      1. It's clear now, thanks Michael.